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These vehicles are licensed by the wheel brand, fifteen52. They feature the company’s name, AND if they are wearing Real Riders, they feature wheels (Outlaw/Turbomac HD) that are also licensed by fifteen52.

Orange Track Diecast

As good as it gets? The Hot Wheels TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 80 debuts in stellar fashion

It is hard to imagine any future releases of the brand-new #Toyota Land Cruiser 80 casting coming out much better than this! Debuting in mix N for 2021, this overlanding beast is easily one the best #2021 New Models. The casting is extremely-detailed and the feels like one […]

Orange Track Diecast

Volkswagen Series: VOLKSWAGEN T2 PICKUP

My must-have Super #Treasure Hunt of 2019 is here thanks to my friend, Tim (@tandphwguide on IG). Tim has been my “super savior” as of late, as I have been coming up short. Recently I’ve dedicated more time into this site, so Tim’s efforts (and kindness) are much […]