Hot Wheels store exclusives seem to be in a holding pattern as of late. The 2017 #ZAMACs have yet to hit Walmart and only the first wave of Red Edition series cars have hit Target, despite a couple from the second wave appearing on eBay close to two months ago! That second wave of the 2017 #Red Edition series vehicles has to be hitting Target soon, but since it hasn’t, lets look back at another car from the first wave Red Edition vehicles — the #’77 Pontiac Firebird.

Orange Track Diecast

First Wave of Hot Wheels RED EDITION cars sold exclusively at Target: ’77 Pontiac Firebird, ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser and the ’14 Corvette Stingray

First, if you’re clueless as to what these #Red Edition cars are, they are part of their own segment series in the Hot Wheels mainline — which is a #Target Exclusive. They are unique red & white colorways of existing 2017 mainline vehicles and come with the blister designation below.

Orange Track Diecast

A close-up of the packaging on one of the 2017 Target Exclusive, Red Edition series vehicles.

The #’77 Pontiac Firebird from this series mirrors the graphics of the 2017 HW Flames release. At first glance, given the car and its color, I couldn’t help but think of “Red Dragon” from the 2003 movie, Old School (see below for clip). While this release is certainly not meant to replicate that car by any means, you can’t help but imagine that being a future #Replica Entertainment release. After all, the Custom ’77 Dodge Van was chosen to represent the black van in the movie. Also, this casting is no stranger to the line as it was chosen to replicate the black Smokey and the Bandit (1977) #Firebird — a release that now sells for a premium. But I digress…

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’77 Pontiac Firebird from the 2017 Target Exclusive, Red Edition series (REAR)

Overall, the colors work on this #Red Edition release of the #’77 Pontiac Firebird. This release also seems to be somewhat limited in its run as Target only got the sidekicks these were in for a short period of time. They are plenty out there, so if you’re a fan, grab one at a decent price. This is definitely one car that could be harder to find at a decent price as time goes on and supply dries up.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Red Enamel Body (metal). Tinted Windows. White Interior. Chrome PR5 Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# FDR61. Released in 2017 as #3 of 12 in the Target Exclusive, Red Edition series.

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  1. I remember that black and gold was the most desirable color of the TransAm. What a great handling car in its day. T-tops were great. I had a set in my Cutlass.

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