FARBS are back! 2017 ZAMAC & RED EDITION “G” case cars…

1/5/2017 — Possibly the biggest news of the year is the return of the FARBS … well sort of. The brand-new 2017 New Model, Head Starter, is as close as we’ve come to this line that appeared in the early 1970s. Its a cross between vintage FARB and a ‘Tooned vintage race car. It will debut in the ‘Tooned series. Check out the list of 2017 New Models >>> HERE.

It looks like the 2nd wave of the RED EDITION cars will be appearing in the “G” case assortments at your local Target stores. The 2nd wave contains #4 – #6 (of 12) and will feature the ’64 Lincoln Continental, ‘Tooned Corvette C6 and Rescue Duty in red/white-colored variations of their 2017 segment series graphics scheme.

Though we haven’t seen the 1st wave of the ZAMAC cars at Walmart yet, the 2nd wave looks like it will make an appearance as part of the “G” case assortment dump bins. Also numbered 004 – 006, the #ZAMACs will include the Custom ’01 Acura Integra GSR, ‘Tooned Dodge Charger Daytona and the Zotic.

Last but not least, we have our first look at the brand-new 2017 New Model, Flash Drive. It will make its debut as part of the #Legends of Speed series and looks like it may even open up to hold … a flash drive.


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