We are continuing our coverage of the #HW Race Team (2016) series here are Orange Track Diecast with a release that should be all over the pegs at your local retailers by now — the Corvette C7.R wearing the #2 and a #Hot Wheels Race Team deco.

Released just last year as a #2015 New Model, the Hot Wheels Corvette C7.R casting has some collectors upset due to its unrealistic front chin which is up-sloped to increase its orange track performance at the 1/64 level. Fortunately, for those collectors, the premium, metal-base version of the casting has been “fixed” as the #Entertainment Line #Gran Turismo release can be found with the modification. It looks as though the basic/mainline, plastic-base version of the casting will continue to has the up-sloped chin since the mainline cars are targeted for children who care about things like orange track performance.

Still, up-sloped chin and all, the Hot Wheels Corvette C7.R is a great casting and looks great wearing that #Hot Wheels Race Team deco. Its releases for 2016 are not over as its #Gran Turismo release is just starting to hit the United States and this #HW Race Team (2016) release will see a second colorway as the white variation is scheduled to be a #Kmart Exclusive as part of the Kmart Collector Event on September 24th.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Blue Body (metal). Light Blue Tint Window. Gray Interior. Red-Chrome Rim, Black PR5 Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# DHP37. Released in 2016 as #1 of 10 in the HW Race Team series.

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