NEW 8-car set: Ghostbusters

09/04/2016 — A couple weeks ago we saw an Instagram post from Hot Wheels that showcased some new 2016/2017 cars at an event for friends and family. In that post, we saw what looked like a white #Bread Box with the Ghostbusters logo & Slimer on it. It turns out that will be part of another 8-car series that will most likely be #Walmart Exclusives.

Ghostbusters Series

  1. Drift Tech (Stay Puft Marshmallow Man)
  2. Bread Box (Slimer)
  3. Battle Spec (Ghost Trap)
  4. Spectyte (Ghostbusters 2)
  5. Audacious (Terror Dog)
  6. Phastasm (Silhouette of Four Ghostbusters)
  7. Ghostbusters Ecto-1
  8. Power Rocket (Slime)





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  1. I don’t like these sets. they show up in the stores usally in bins and at first several sets get bought then they sit. the problem I have with this is after the initial surge they sit and don’t sell. the stores don’t get as many mainline cases because of all the old stock. it sucks for the guy who collects mainlines they miss case codes and several cars if they are lucky they may get a repaint of a model they miss. personally I would mind them so much if they were shipped to the stores by the case. and if they sell fast the store should be able to order another case. my walmart still has beatles, starwars, batman vs superman, mustang series all mashed together in a bin with maybe a few mainlines mixed in. my walmart never got any of the cases codes for this year that carried zamacs because they have to many junk cars on hand. its only my opinion and that sucks.

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