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Orange Track Diecast

Two NEW 2021 Hot Wheels Multi-Pack Exclusives — Maverick & Viper — delight in metalflake purple

As if it was some sort of odd-couple pairing, two new #2021 Hot Wheels #Multi-Pack Exclusives are appearing in the same 9-pack. The #’71 Maverick Grabber & #’13 SRT Viper are both being released in this fantastic metalflake purple that is certainly delightful to look at. The two […]

Orange Track Diecast

Night Burnerz 5-Pack: DODGE VIPER SRT GTS-R

The #2018 Hot Wheels #Night Burnerz 5-Pack hit the pegs back in January and even after a couple months at retail here in the United States, the 5-Pack seems to be selling (for just over its retail price) online. Collectors attributed the initial surge in secondary market value […]

Orange Track Diecast

Then and Now Series: ’13 DODGE VIPER SRT

If you could sum up modern day Hot Wheels collecting in a nut-shell, one could argue its like keeping up with the Joneses. You’re buying the latest cars, keeping up with the assortments, tracking others’ finds online, and of course, hunting for the #Treasure Hunts — whether to […]