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Collection Update: ’13 DODGE VIPER SRT // All 11 Variants

A new release of the Hot Wheels #’13 Dodge Viper SRT was added to my collection the other day. This gloss black #Viper is a #Multi-Pack Exclusive for 2019. It reuses the graphics from the other two multi-pack exclusives, which were based off of the 2014 Hot Wheels mainline releases in yellow and blue (next to each other, below).

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels casting collection of the ’13 Dodge Viper SRT (New 2019 Multi-Pack Release added, June 2019)

Its actually quite funny that I added this #’13 Dodge Viper SRT this week. Earlier this week, OTD (quietly) celebrated its 4th anniversary, and I thought back to the first car I featured here: the other black, Multi-Pack Exclusive: ’13 Dodge Viper SRT. It pains me to even link that “article” here as its a whole five sentences long, but its a good reminder of where this started, and what OTD has become.

As far as the #’13 Dodge Viper SRT casting collection, below are the ten variants thus far. The casting hasn’t had any premium releases, however, this Viper did wear #Real Riders and #Spectraflame Paint for its Super Treasure Hunt variant in 2017. Also, there was a very nicely done basic release that was exclusive to the New York International Auto Show in 2012. Other than that, the ’13 Viper SRT has shown up mainly in the mainline and several times in multi-packs.  Graphics have been very modest as the most-outlandish graphics were on the 2018 FORZA Motorsport release — and, even those, were done extremely well.

This is one of the best Hot Wheels #Vipers out there — one that certainly deserves the full-detail, premium treatment at some point. How would collectors respond to a premium Viper? I know a small niche group that would love it, and others that would certainly buy it. If you’re going to do a premium Viper — thinking Car Culture here — aside from a new casting, this would be the casting to use because of the great detail that already lies within this tool. These 10 variants are a great grouping so far, but the #’13 Dodge Viper SRT is certainly ready for the next step.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels casting collection of the ’13 Dodge Viper SRT (Family Photo, June 2019)

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  1. I collect the multipack exclusives. I just wish they would use different colors instead of rehashing the same colors. Two metallic reds, two black and two yellows. They have the whole spectrum of colors available and keep using the same ones.

  2. Yeah, I too was thinking of a premium RR’s release when I was reading down thru the article. Even though the $TH model is considered a premium RR’s example (one of which I found three times), it’s still cool to have one featured with rubber rolling stock & upscale wheels. I’d prefer an ACR in a premium set-up to be honest, but i can settle with a nice model with twin white stripes on a red or blue.

    I had to get that Forza green variant .. it’s so awesome when you see it up close.. really nice example!

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