Night Burnerz 5-Pack: DODGE VIPER SRT GTS-R

The #2018 Hot Wheels #Night Burnerz 5-Pack hit the pegs back in January and even after a couple months at retail here in the United States, the 5-Pack seems to be selling (for just over its retail price) online. Collectors attributed the initial surge in secondary market value to the ’85 Honda CR-X and #’08 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. While those, and this 5-Pack as a whole are nice, its the golden #Dodge Viper SRT GTS-R that led me to purchase this 5-Pack.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels 2018 Nightburnerz 5-Pack: Honda CRX, Dodge Challenger Drift, SRT Viper GTS-R, Nissan 350Z and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (all 5 cars loose)

First, if you didn’t already know, I collect all Hot Wheels #Vipers so this purchase was going to happen as soon as I found out the #Dodge Viper SRT GTS-R was included. Its not the best Hot Wheels Viper out there as it lacks a lot of detail and it has that infamous “up-sloped” chin, but man, it looks good in that metalflake gold! Since this is Hot Wheels 50th birthday, I feel like at least one car from every 5-Pack should have been this color.

This #2018 Hot Wheels #Night Burnerz 5-Pack release of the #Dodge Viper SRT GTS-R is the sixth variant of this casting that made its debut in 2015 — just know that I’m kicking myself for not getting a group shot! If this, or any of the other four cars in this 5-Pack pique your interest, look for it at retail now.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Gold Body (metal). Clear Windows. Black Interior. Orange-Chrome Open-Hole 5-Spoke (OH5) Wheels. Gray Base (plastic). Made in Indonesia. Toy# FKT55. Released in 2018 as part of the Night Burnerz 5-Pack.

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  1. Great that you commented on this car! The Viper and Challenger is my reason for purchasing this 5 pack, so much so I’m looking for another. I also picked up 2 9-packs; one with a Red and another with a Black GTS-R.

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