Hot Wheels Collector No. 210: DODGE VIPER RT/10

The Dodge FREAKIN’ Viper! Oooh yes. This is the car I wanted as a child, and still want to this day. Back in 1992, when the Dodge Viper hit showrooms across the US, I used to make my parents drive past a certain Dodge dealership any chance we could just so I could see the two Vipers they had parked out front. I was a kid who spent his adolescent years in the ’90s, idolizing the Viper and the Jaguar XJ220 — two cars that could be seen on countless bedroom posters across America. I vowed to myself that one day, I would own one. Over the course of those adolescent years, I began collecting Hot Wheels in 1995. 25 years later, I am still at it. No 1:1 Dodge Viper in the garage, but my 1:64 collection of the Hot Wheels #Dodge Viper RT/10 has continued to grow.

The first several releases of the Hot Wheels #Dodge Viper RT/10 came on unsegmented blue cards as “Collector No. 210”. It was never my intention to really collect them all, but as my collection grew — along with my collecting habits — I decided to chase the many color/wheel #Variations of Collector No. 210.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Collector No. 210 Dodge Viper RT/10 in Red, Yellow & Green from 1993-1996

The very #First Edition of the RT/10 was the lone #1993 Hot Wheels mainline release of it — red, with chrome #Ultra Hot Wheels (UH). It had painted hood vents and the headlights look to be over-sprayed in black. In 1994, the wheels of the red #Dodge Viper RT/10 were colored gold-chrome for its inclusion in the #Gold Medal Speed. Two very hard-to-find wheel #Variations would pop up at the end of the red Viper’s run in 1995: Chrome #5-Spoke Wheels & Chrome #Wire-Spoke Wheels. The initial red release with chrome UH would eventually be re-released as part of the 30th Anniversary in 1998. That release wears a gold 30th Anniversary logo behind its back fender on the passenger side.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Collector No. 210 Dodge Viper RT/10 in Red from 1993-1996

A barrage of #Vipers in yellow and metalflake dark green would follow. I don’t remember which one came first, but my inner traffic signal suggests that I slow down with yellow before I go with green — done!

Technically, there was only one release of the #Dodge Viper RT/10 in yellow on the Collector No. 210 card. That was the one with the gold #Ultra Hot Wheels that also came badged as a #Gold Medal Speed car. You’ll often see the Chrome 5SP & 7SP variants of this car, with it in loose collections, but those came as part of the Super Show Cars 5-Pack in 1996. Still, its fun to look at all three together so that’s what I am going to show here.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Collector No. 210 Dodge Viper RT/10 in Yellow from 1995-1996

Lastly, came the metalflake dark green #Variations of the Collector No. 210 #Dodge Viper RT/10. We saw five wheel variations of this one. There were gold-chrome UH, 5SP, 3SP, and WSP wheels, as well as a super hard-to-find chrome 5SP release. That chrome 5SP release is one that still eludes me as I’ll see it come up on a #Gold Medal Speed card, but often question the authenticity of it. I should probably reach out to a blue card expert at some point. Either way, I’m happy with the collection as it stands. I can remember hating the #3-Spoke Wheels on this release as I don’t really care for that style wheel, but seeing as how the original 1:1 RT/10s came with gray 3SP wheels, I kind of wish the original red variant had them.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Collector No. 210 Dodge Viper RT/10 in Green from 1995-1996

The Hot Wheels #Dodge Viper RT/10 continues to be released to this day. My collection of them continues to grow as the only variants that I am missing now are the three employee exclusives. One day I may find them for a good price and splurge, but if that dream of owning a real 1:1 version of the Viper is to come into fruition any time soon, I may have to hold off on completing the collection for now.

I never thought that I would ever own the many #Variations of Hot Wheels Collector No. 210, yet here we are. So anything is possible. If I could add anything to my Hot Wheels wish list, it would be for a #Hot Wheels Race Team release of the #Dodge Viper RT/10 — a release that would have spots in two of my largest collections. Wishful thinking, I know… but then again, anything is possible!

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  1. I think I only have the Hot Wheels Hall of Fame version. Like you, I love the Dodge Viper. Personally I would want to own a 2001 or 2002 GTS. Nice photos and story as usual!

  2. member* not me ever lol new to the website and not sure how to edit, but this is one of my favorite pieces of yours so I come back to it from time to time!

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