Hot Wheels Valentines: ’06 DODGE VIPER COUPE

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are all here because we share one thing in common: our love & passion for collecting toy cars. Taking it a step further, one car I have always loved — through several generations — is the #Dodge #Viper. I have a good majority of every single Viper that Hot Wheels has produced so you can see why this is already the 4th time that I have featured the #’06 Dodge Viper Coupe casting.

This release of the ’06 Dodge Viper Coupe came via the #Target Exclusive, #Hot Wheels Valentines 6-Car Set. Each car in the set came on its own blister card which had a spot to designate “To” and “From” so you could actually hand these out as Valentines.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’06 Dodge Viper Coupe from the 2008 Target Exclusive, Hot Wheels Valentines (REAR)

All six cars in this set (Corvette C6R, Zotic, ’70 Plymouth Superbird, ’06 Dodge Viper, Twin Mill & 40 Somethin’) feature non-#Valentine’s Day graphics, but featured some element of red. This #Viper has a nice pearl white paint job with two red racing stripes. If you’re a fan of little to no graphics on your Hot Wheels cars, you probably couldn’t have been happier with these #Hot Wheels Valentines from 2008.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Pearl White Body (metal) w/ Red Stripes. Tinted Windows. Dark Red Interior. Red-Chrome PR5 Wheels. Gray Base (plastic). Made in Thailand. Toy# N1272. Released in 2008 as part of the Target Exclusive, Hot Wheels Valentines 6-Car Set.

For more pictures of your favorite Hot Wheels vehicles, check out @orangetrackdiecast on Instagram.

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