Amazon has Exclusive 10-Packs #2 and #3; Taking Orders NOW!

5/31/2018 — It was just a couple weeks ago that Amazon began taking preorders for an exclusive Hot Wheels 10-Pack that will have its own ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser (shown below). Collectors went nuts on it, prompting a sell out in less than 48 hours. Well, it appears Amazon plans to follow it up with “Amazon Mini Collection #2 (10-Pack)” and “Amazon Mini Collection #3 (10-Pack)”. There are no pictures, and the item is “Temporarily Out of Stock”, but they do allow for you to place orders for when they become available.

So, if you feel like gambling, and don’t want to miss out again, this is your chance to snag them. They do have different toy numbers (FYX64 & FYX65) so there is always the possibility that they contain new exclusive cars or recolors of the gasser — OR, at the very least, just 10 new Hot Wheels cars. Priced at $12.99 each and FREE SHIPPING if you buy both, it seems like a deal that is worth the gamble. Links are below. Good Luck!

Amazon Mini Collection #2 (10-Pack)

Amazon Mini Collection #3 (10-Pack)

EDIT: There appears to be another 10-Pack … #1, which I assumed was the ’55 Gasser one. Whatever it is, you can order that one here: Amazon Mini Collection (10-Pack).


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