Star Wars “Original Characters” Series to hit Walmart soon

5/18/2018 — With Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) out in theaters next week Friday, you can bet this Walmart Exclusive, Star Wars Series will be hitting stores soon. To differentiate it from the other yearly Star Wars sets, I have nicknamed it the “Original Characters” series since it features only characters from the original trilogy. This 8-car set features “vectorized” artwork of each individual character, over boldly-colored backgrounds. All eight vehicles are #Unlicensed Hot Wheels castings — a common approach for Hot Wheels Themed Assortments that have licensed graphics.

#1 – Han Solo (Twinduction)

#2 – Chewbacca (Fandango)

#3 – Luke Skywalker (Bully Goat)

#4 – Yoda (Barbaric)

#5 – Princess Leia (Quick N’ Sik)

#6 – Darth Vader (Nitro Doorslammer)

#7 – Jabba the Hutt (Deora II)

#8 – Boba Fett (Mad Manga)

…and for you “online hunters”, below is the UPC followed by the Walmart SKU.

Image courtesy of Mattel.

Walmart SKU# 567280244

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  1. These have already hit pegs in Australia. They look ‘ok’ but nothing to get too excited about.

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