Kroger stores celebrate Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary in style — giving 50% OFF!

5/18/2018 — What better way for a retail chain (Kroger) to celebrate the anniversary of a brand that they carry (Hot Wheels) than to give customer a huge discount on their product?!?!?

That is what is happening this week at Kroger stores and their subsidiaries. All stores are giving 50% OFF all Hot Wheels (excluding mainlines and themed assortments). This is a great way for the store to sell product, clearing out old stock, and celebrating the last 50 years of Hot Wheels. No big announcement was made regarding the sale and the fact that they chose to give 50% OFF, but OTD is venturing to guess that this is a coordinated effort. Either way, Hot Wheels enthusiasts everywhere score as this is a great time to pick up some of those cars you may have passed up due to price point.

I took this picture of the Hot Wheels section at one of my local Fry’s Marketplace — a Kroger affiliate. Nothing extremely new on the pegs, but there are definitely some deals to be had. Maybe its even time to try a new line? …I’ll leave that up to you. Don’t sleep on this sale as it ends on Tuesday, 5/22.

Orange Track Diecast

Photo of the Hot Wheels Section at a Fry’s Marketplace (Kroger) on May 17, 2018

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