The run on Hot Wheels 5-Packs continues with the 2018 HW Hot Trucks 5-Pack

5/17/2018 — Its like someone flipped a switch over there at the Hot Wheels factory in Indonesia. Since the first couple 2018 5-Packs started hitting stores in late November, collectors had been claiming the bulk of 5-Packs for 2018 contained #Unlicensed Hot Wheels in bright colors — and that the 5-Packs were suited more for the kids and didn’t appeal to the collector base at all. Well, I’m not sure if changes were made as its most likely these were already planned at the time, but the run of Hot Wheels 5-Packs that have piqued collector interest was catapulted with the discovery of the Car Meet 5-Pack. After that, was the HW Exotics 5-Pack with some really nice exotic castings. Now, the HW Hot Trucks 5-Pack will certainly have at least a few collectors running to the pegs to grab it as it contains some collector favorites in it.

2018 HW Hot Trucks 5-Pack

  • Volkswagen Caddy
  • ’56 Ford F-100
  • Sandblaster
  • ’67 Chevy C10
  • ’07 Chevy Silverado

This was found by Steven in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) so new 5-Packs aren’t just hitting in Australia and the United States either. Thanks for letting me share this, Steven!

Here is his original post (scroll to the right to get to the HW Hot Trucks 5-Pack). Check out Steven’s @hotwheelsunofficial IG account to see his other latest finds.

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  1. Those new 5 packs coming out are all awesome. 👍 I have the car meet 5 pack and I’m on the hunt for the other 2.👍

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