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Two little known Hot Wheels MOVIE CARS that today’s collectors don’t know about!

In recent years, Hot Wheels has released dozens of licensed #TV & Movie Cars. Heck, we (as collectors) even have a whole premium line dedicated to the #Fast & Furious movie franchise. It’s actually hard remembering a time when Hot Wheels didn’t produce these cars. A little over 16 years ago though, you would be hard-pressed to find your favorite TV or movie car as a Hot Wheels vehicle. There were no Batmobiles — hard to believe, huh? — Ectos, BTTF DeLoreans, Mystery Machines, etc…

For today’s feature, I wanted to share two little known Hot Wheels movie cars that a lot of modern collectors are unaware of: the #Olds 442 W-30 from Demolition Man (1993) and the #Ford Anglia 105E from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002).

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Ford Anglia 105E, a Harry Potter Spider Swarm Track Set Exclusive with the Hot Wheels Olds 442 W-30 from the 1993 Demolition Man Cryo-Cubes

Olds 442 W-30

One of the earliest entertainment licenses Hot Wheels had was with Warner Bros. for the 1993 movie, Demolition Man. 1993 was clearly a different time for the brand as you will no longer see Mattel making movie toys for violent movies that are R-rated. But then again, this was towards the beginning of when Mattel started to recognize collectors as a viable market segment. It would have been interesting to hear what marketing discussed about this one!

Nine Demolition Man cars were ultimately made, with 8 of 9 being brand-new castings at the time — including this one. Several of the castings that collectors loved-to-hate in the ’90s came out of this line. Each car came individually carded along with a “cryo-cube” which was essentially a repurposed Park ‘N Plate container.

The #Olds 442 W-30 was one of the more popular Hot Wheels #Muscle Cars of the late ’90s & early ’00s. Collectors sought out most of its releases and the 1995 Treasure Hunt release has always gone for high dollar. In fact, it was actually the first Treasure Hunt so there is some level of novelty involved with that, but I digress…

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Olds 442 W-30 from the 1993 Demolition Man Cryo-Cubes

Having a #Muscle Car in a future utopian society (where these were relics), running through the streets of San Angeles with raw and unheralded power was something to behold. It’s a movie that I still enjoy to this day, so there was no doubt I needed to add this car to my growing #TV & Movie Car Hot Wheels collection. I have no idea why it took so long to add it other than its a forgotten, older release. Still, you can still find outrageously good deals on them, as I got mine for a little over $6-shipped on eBay about a year ago. It is a basic-level execution of the movie car, but it is still the only representation of the car that Hot Wheels has made.

Ford Anglia 105E

Hot Wheels and Harry Potter seem like another weird pairing, yet Hot Wheels would go on to produce the Harry Potter Spider Swarm Track Set in 2003. In the track set was an exclusive #Ford Anglia 105E in light blue that was meant to be Weasley’s Flying Ford Anglia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002). It was the first time the casting had been released, but would not be the last as it would appear in the 2005 mainline, and in a 2011 5-pack. The mainline release in primer gray is the variant of the casting that most collectors tend to recall, as this popular movie car tends to be forgotten. After all, it only appeared in a track set for a very short time in 2003.

QUICK LINK! Buy Ron Weasley’s Ford Anglia on eBay now.

For a long time, these were hard to come by. Many that would come up for sale online were beaten up by kids, only to be salvaged by an eBay seller years later. I remember searching for this one for years and could not find a mint one for under $40. That was, until one day in 2018 when an eBay seller had a listing for one with a price that was too good to pass up. I promptly purchased, only to get the story later that he purchased cases of these from a man who buys and sells overstock items from companies in the movie and advertising business. These were apparently set to be given away at movie premieres and/or trade shows. The giveaway never came into fruition and the cases of these were put in storage. Thankfully, there are enough of these to go around, and you can literally buy a case of them for yourself! If you’re going to collect Hot Wheels #TV & Movie Cars, this is one of the must-haves. Plus, its the only clean execution of the casting, and I know there are quite a few collectors that value that. It feels like in a couple years when the supply of these finally runs out, we could be looking back thinking $6-shipped is one heck of a deal.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Ford Anglia 105E, a 2003 Harry Potter Spider Swarm Track Set Exclusive

While prices on Hot Wheels #TV & Movie Cars continue to rise, these are two early editions you should not overlook. Sure, they are basic-level executions, but both cars saw significant screen time (with main characters driving them) in their respective movies. Add in the fact that they are both clean executions and you’re probably a set of #Real Riders and some details away from being the movie car replicas from early #Retro Entertainment that collectors throw big money at. If you’re a fan, I wouldn’t wait to add these to your collection as they could easily command a high price once supply dries up.

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  1. That Anglia is such a cool little casting! Too bad it never saw too many releases. It would have made an interesting fit for the Car Culture Doorslammers mix.

    • Hopefully hot wheels and matchbox will live on Long as possible. I have thousands hope to get more as years go on. Look forward to more in the future

  2. Actually, I remember the Harry Potter Anglia from our friend over at Lamley.. but no, not the Olds too much!

  3. In regards to the R rating movie entertainment releases; Hot Wheels has been doing the Chimi Van from Deadpool which is an R rated movie.

  4. They made a pinball machine for the Demolition Man movie that featured the red olds and maybe the police car too. Hotwheels made the same car but yellow for the mainline. Often times the red car would be replaced with the yellow in the games.

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