Hidden Ford Drag Team Mustang joins the Hot Wheels Team Transport Collection

The success of the Hot Wheels #Vintage Racing line has been well documented across all collector sites since the line’s initial demise. There are some gorgeous vehicles in that set. What were we thinking as collectors back then? How did we let these cars slip by us? There was the poor distribution factor, but still…

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Everyone has their favorites and there are certainly the big hitters as well with the likes of John Morton’s Datsun Bluebird 510 and Richard Petty’s ’70 Plymouth Superbird. It’s not just those that are getting the love though. Collectors are even coming around on the actual pegwarmers of the line. Case in point: Ed Terry’s ’70 Ford Mustang.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mustang Mach I from the 2011 Vintage Racing line (side view, on the back of 2020 Team Transport Retro Rig)

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I passed over this #Mustang Mach I on the pegs. What I can tell you is why. I remember getting hell-bent on the blue plastic piece on the back that makes up the louvers and spoiler. Paying $5+ for a premium car with that hunk of plastic on the back just didn’t make sense at the time. While I am still not particularly fond of it, I have learned to look past it to capture the true beauty that is the rest of the car.

Orange Track Diecast

Ford Drag Team / Ford Race Team: ’69 Mustang Boss 302, Retro Rig, Mustang Mach I, C-800, ’64 Galaxie

Obviously, #Ford Drag Team is front and center while observing the car’s side profile. This makes it the perfect complement to the recent Ford #Team Transport sets that were released this year and last. Being that it was in the 2011 #Vintage Racing line, it isn’t exactly hidden like the title of this article implies, but more of an under-the-radar piece that will surely have its value driven-up by collectors looking to add pieces to their Team Transport collections. I know, because that is why I bought it. That was a major factor in me overlooking that eyesore of a blue piece on the back. Ed Terry’s Mustang no longer sits on an island to me… it has a home among my Team Transport collection.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mustang Mach I from the 2011 Vintage Racing line (head-to-head with the 2020 Team Transport ’69 Mustang Boss 302)

Adding certain pieces to assemble liveries is something I’ve always done. I kind of thought I was mad to do so. Turns out a lot of collectors do the same though I haven’t seen anyone put these together yet. Maybe I am ahead of the curve, maybe I am so far behind that I don’t even realize. Either way, from pegwarmer in #Vintage Racing to perfect complement to recent #Team Transport releases, this #Mustang Mach I is now a must-have piece in any #Ford Drag Team collection.

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Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mustang Mach I from the 2011 Vintage Racing line with Ed Terry Ford Drag Team graphics

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  1. It may not have as good proportions as the Boss 302 casting, but I’ve always liked the stubbiness and rake of the Mach 1 casting. It’s not a casting that I specifically “collect” but I must have over 25 versions of it. Always a welcome addition when they bring out a new version.

    Now I want to see the Falcon Sprint or Thunderbolt castings make a return to premium!

  2. Never really liked the Mach I because it was so awkwardly proportioned compared to other Mustang castings.
    But honestly, that Livery is gosh darn awesome.

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