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Orange Track Diecast

The Hot Wheels Porsche 959 is coming to RLC; Will the deco look as good as this vintage pair?

The big news of last week in the Red Line Club is that Hot Wheels will be introducing a new Porsche 959 into the ultra-premium lineup, the ’86 Porsche 959. And while this car is still in the development phase, its designer, Brendon Vetuskey, shared with RLC members […]

Orange Track Diecast

Octopark Playset: DEORA II

When you collect a certain Hot Wheels casting, you often find yourself buying Hot Wheels products you normally wouldn’t just to get that exclusive car. In 2007, one of my favorite castings, the #Deora II, was released as a #Playset Exclusive as part of the Octopark playset. The […]

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Curves Race Action Set: VAIRY 8

In the second half of the last decade, Hot Wheels got all nostalgic on us by re-releasing several old track sets from the redline era. Complete with packaging art by original packaging artist Otto Kuhni, these sets were released under the Hot Wheels Classics umbrella and featured newer […]