Collection Update

Collection Update: Up-to-date on the Hot Wheels DRIFTSTA

The Hot Wheels #Driftsta is one of those #Unlicensed Hot Wheels — ala “Fantasy Cars” or “HW Original Designs” — that I’ve been drawn to. Its a relatively new casting as it made its debut in the #2015 Hot Wheels mainline. My acclaim for it grew when I saw the Super Treasure Hunt release in 2016. Those #Real Riders 4-Spoke Wheels just seem the enhance its demeanor, which I’ll get to in a minute.

My collection of this casting is complete (for now) as it sits at eight. The #Driftsta has only appeared in the basic range: seven coming in the mainline, and one in a 5-Pack. The newest release is the 2019 HW Race Team one you see below, front and center (in blue). It features the new #Hot Wheels Race Team livery, designed by Hot Wheels Graphic Designer, Leeway Chang, for 2019.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Driftsta Family Photo, May 2019

I’ve never heard former Hot Wheels Designer, Jun Imai‘s take on the casting, but I have to imagine that he designed it as the ideal #Drift Car — I mean “DRIFT” is in the name! The casting itself has a very aerodynamic look to it. It sits so low that the front fenders extend above the hood. There is even a roof rack on top which I assume is there for stabilizing the car’s center-of-gravity.

What is really cool about the #Driftsta is that you can just feel the car’s personality… or that of its imaginary driver. It totally feels like a project car that someone built — a car that doesn’t shy away from the drift scene. How can I tell that? Check out the front bumper… or lack there of… its missing! What the casting lacks in a finished, overall design, it definitely makes up for in personality — and its THAT personality that made me decide to collect this casting.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Driftsta Family Photo, May 2019 (front)

One of my other favorite parts of this casting’s design is the rear. I initially thought the color sections you see below were the taillights, however, those look to be above it — angrily looking down upon the competition. So, instead, I have to believe this unique pattern (which is the same piece as the interior), is actually the rear bumper. Combined with the menacing taillights, it forms a “teeth” effect, only adding to the car’s personality.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Driftsta Family Photo, May 2019 (rear)

Maybe I am way off on this casting. Maybe I am just reading too much into it. Maybe, well maybe, I just think its super cool. We all like what we like, and I love a Hot Wheels original design with a personality. Chances are that we will never see it in the premium range, which would ultimately be unfortunate as this design could benefit from some premium detailing. Either way, the #Driftsta is a fun casting to collect, and its one you won’t have to break the bank for — in order to collect.

Thanks for stopping by to read about the #Driftsta, let me know what your thoughts are!

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  1. If it’s any consolation, I’ve liked this casting since it first came out. I’m missing the super and the one from the 5 pack, but apart from that, I’m up to date.

  2. I was lucky enough to get one of those $TH beuts in a trade. It really is a cool $uper; I just wish the 2019 Hot Wheels Race Team variation was a $uper.

    • I’m pretty keen on this casting, myself. Sometimes original castings fall short of their concept art. This is one that survived the process brilliantly. I would actually like to see a retool of this with the bumper. Why not? We have an open top and a hard top Bome Shaker. I also wish there were some outlet for a premium version. But at least it is in the Race Team this year. It’s too good to be relegated to themed assortments and five packs.

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