Showcase Series 1: DAIRY DELIVERY

Hot Wheels has had some unique #Halloween releases over the years, but none as unique as the #HWC Series 1: Scary #Dairy Delivery. The year was 2002 and the first year of releases at was coming to a close. An extremely talented graphic designer by the name of MiQ Willmott had wanted to do a wrap using the new fusion graphics process on one of the “billboard vehicles”. Enter the Dairy Delivery which wore the Scary Dairy Delivery moniker for this release.

For those that knew of MiQ and were fans of his art, you knew that he loved to fill a canvas. He would often log onto the HWC forums under his screen name “creepo grande” and reveal the graphic design he was working on before we ever saw it on the sides of a vehicle. Needless to say, MiQ was a hit with collectors and #MiQ Willmott Designs were some of the most memorable from the early days of HWC.

For the “Scary Dairy”, MiQ wrapped the #Phil Riehlman Designed #Dairy Delivery in a graveyard scene featuring the HWC Admin team as #Zombies. The four zombie caricatures were of HWC Amy (Boylan), HWC Dave (Sanders), HWC John (Ludwig) and HWC Brian (Fitzgerald), and each had a gravestone with their name on it.

I could only imagine what it must have been like to be sitting in the meeting room one day when VP Amy Boylan asks MiQ what he had cooked up for the inaugural #Halloween release for HWC and he says, “I’m going to feature you and the other HWC admin as #Zombies“.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels “Scary” Dairy Delivery from the 2002 Series 1 (top-right view)

As if that wasn’t enough, MiQ also created a large tombstone for the top — sparing no expense. This tombstone was topped with a #5-Spoke Wheel and the MiQ insignia at the bottom. Down the middle of it read:


At the time, this release of the #Dairy Delivery was figured to be extremely popular with collectors — enough that the production number for this release was raised to 15,500 to accommodate the anticipated demand. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the “Scary Dairy” sold out and the 15K+ piece run was one of, if not the largest, quantity for a HWC vehicle ever! 15,000 of the pieces came just like you see here, whereas the other 500 came as a silver-hub, wheel variant… and were not sold online.

From the wicked-awesome #Zombie caricatures to the fact that this was included in the inaugural #HWC Series 1, its a release of the #Dairy Delivery that is hard to forget about. For me, the “Scary Dairy” is one of my favorite Hot Wheels #Halloween releases of all time — and a fitting tribute to the early days of HWC.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Matte Black Body (metal). Orange Tinted Windows. Orange Interior. Orange-Chrome Deep Dish Real Riders Wheels with Orange Line tampos. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Thailand. Toy# B2929. Released in 2002 as Collector #23 in Series 1.

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  1. I have an original and would like to sell it. The Scary Dairy has never been open it was the NO. 309 is stamp on receipt.

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