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Orange Track Diecast

What happened to the DAIRY DELIVERY? Have Hot Wheels Collectors moved on? Should it be retired?

After 20-some-odd-years, love for the Hot Wheels #Dairy Delivery appears to be fading. What’s going on Hot Wheels collectors? Collectors used to periodically post pictures of their Dairy Delivery casting collections like clockwork. There would always be some collector clamoring to include the Dairy Delivery is this series […]

Diecast Motorsports

Cop Rods Series 1: DAIRY DELIVERY

Anyone remember K•B Toys? Remember when they used to be in your local mall? The stores were always a tease as they carried a limited number of mainline Hot Wheels at the $1.29 price point which led to the stock rarely rolling over. Ultimately, this small-scale failure [pun not intended] […]