2019 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts Tracker (UPDATED 7/25)

10/16/2018 — The #2019 Hot Wheels #Treasure Hunts have been showing up “online” for a couple months now. In the past, OTD has provided links to the pictures of these that have surfaced. However, since many of these sites/IG accounts have stolen pictures directly from this web site, I have chosen to no longer link to their stolen content. This treasure hunts tracker will serve as a list that will be continually updated for those who look to keep track.

2019 Regular Treasure Hunts*

  1. Bazoomka (HW Ride-Ons, “A” case)
  2. Sting Rod (Dino Riders, “B” case)
  3. ’69 Chevelle (X-Raycers, “C” case)
  4. Twin Mill (HW Game Over, “D” case)
  5. Honda Monkey Z50 (HW Moto, “E” case)
  6. Humvee (Baja Blazers, “F” case)
  7. Corvette Stingray (Super Chromes, “G” case)
  8. Head Starter (Experimotors, “H” case)
  9. Armored Truck (HW Rescue, “J” case)
  10. Custom Ford Bronco (HW Hot Trucks, “K” case)
  11. Fast-Bed Hauler (HW Metro, “L” case)
  12. Cyber Speeder (HW Space, “M” case)
  13. Sharkruiser (Street Beasts, “N” case)
  14. Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile (Batman, “P” case)
  15. ’67 Camaro (HW Art Cars, “Q” case)

2019 Super Treasure Hunts*

  1. ’90 Honda Civic EF (HW Speed Graphics,“A” case)
  2. Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34) (Nissan, “B” case)
  3. Corvette Grand Sport Roadster (HW Roadsters, “C” case)
  4. Volkswagen T2 Pickup (Volkswagen, “D” case)
  5. Back to the Future Time Machine (Hover Mode) (HW Screen Time, “E” case)
  6. Mazda REPU (Nightburnerz, “F” case)
  7. ’92 Ford Mustang (Speed Blur, “G” case)
  8. ’68 Mercury Cougar (HW Flames, “H” case)
  9. ’69 Corvette Racer (HW Race Day, “J” case)
  10. ’18 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (Muscle Mania, “K” case)
  11. Street Creeper (Rod Squad, “L” case)
  12. Lamborghini Aventador J (HW Exotics, “M” case)
  13. Tesla Model S (HW Green Speed, “N” case)
  14. Morris Mini (HW Race Team, “P” case)
  15. Porsche 911 GT3 RS (Factory Fresh, “Q” case)

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UPDATED 7/25/2019 — Added “P” & “Q” case designationsfor last two regular THs. List is now complete.

UPDATED 7/11/2019 — Added “N” case designation for Sharkruiser.

UPDATED 6/10/2019 — Added the Cyber Speeder case designation.

UPDATED 5/13/2019 — Added the remaining super TH case designations.

UPDATED 5/9/2019 — Added “L” case designations.

UPDATED 5/1/2019 — Added the last three regular Treasure Hunts.

UPDATED 4/30/2019 — Added “K” case designations.

UPDATED 4/18/2019 — Added Morris Mini to Supers.

UPDATED 4/17/2019 — Added link to Corvette Stingray article.

UPDATED 4/15/2019 — Added link to ’92 Mustang article.

UPDATED 4/7/2019 — Added ’67 Camaro to Regulars and Porsche 911 GT3 RS to Supers.

UPDATED 3/13/2019 — Added Lamborghini Aventador J to Supers; added “H” case designation to Head Starter regular; added “J” case designation to Armored Truck regular.

UPDATED 3/7/2019 — Added Tesla Model S to Supers.

UPDATED 2/20/2019 — Added Case Designations.

UPDATED 2/13/2019 — Added Head Starter, Armored Truck and Cyber Speeder to Regulars.

UPDATED 1/30/2019 — Added Humvee to Regulars (F case) and designated Mazda REPU as F case super.

UPDATED 1/27/2019 — Added Street Creeper to Supers.

UPDATED 1/7/2019 — Added ’68 Mercury Cougar, ’18 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and ’69 Corvette Racer to Supers.

UPDATED 12/26/2018 — Added Honda Monkey Z50 to Regulars.

UPDATED 12/19/2018 — Added Custom Ford Bronco to Regulars.

UPDATED 11/27/2018 — Added Twin Mill to Regulars.

UPDATED 11/12/2018 — Added ’69 Chevelle to Regulars.

UPDATED 10/26/2018 — Added Sting Rod to Regulars.

UPDATED 10/18/2018 — Added BTTF Time Machine (Hover Mode) to Supers.

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  1. cant wait to get my hands on some of these!!! i have tried to collect all the treasure hunts from 95 until now so these are definitely on my list!!

  2. Based on the illegitimately acquired US Card Mazda Super on the auction site, the REPU is the Super Treasure Hunt for F case (back of card shown on listing with F case code).

  3. 10 Supers in for 2019, and there isn’t a single one we need yet. Might be a little bit of a cheap year for us after all. Well, at least for Supers anyway.

  4. Hello, I am new here, but I do have a follow on question to Andrew. Yesterday, I found the ‘18 Rust colored Copo at Kmart. It has the TH MARKINGS on side panel and back of the car, and shows on the car picture on card. Yet, the card does NOT have the gold flame stamp. Does anyone know what is up with these??? Respectfully, Janna

    • The “TH” logo you are referring to is the TH from 50TH logo on the side. Look to the left of the “TH” and you will see a 50.

  5. I hope to see the Demon out and about (prob never) and it’s a bummer no more pics; but that’s ok! I appreciate the lists and the content!

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