The #2019 Hot Wheels “G” case #Treasure Hunts rival that of any other case code for 2019, as they each are among the top as far as #2019 Treasure Hunts go. The paint and wheels are special on the long-overdue, ’92 Mustang super — which we featured the other day. Just like the ’92 Mustang, the #Corvette Stingray was long overdue. The casting has been around since 1976, but has never been a Treasure Hunt before. So, its only fitting that the Corvette gets wrapped in something that also made its debut in 1976: the #Super Chromes.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Corvette Stingray from the 2019 Super Chromes series … also part of the 2019 Treasure Hunts (with 2019 Super Treasure Hunt Speed Blur ’92 Ford Mustang)

The #Super Chromes came post Spectraflame-era. They were a flashy way to lure in the consumers that had been mesmerized by the #Spectraflame Paint several years earlier. Did it work? It may have, but ultimately the Super Chromes were disbanded in 1978 due to either a failed retail strategy or cost — or both. Years later, niché collectors would ask Mattel the bring back this series, only to have their request finally answered in 2003 with a 4-car segment in #HWC Series 2. Three years later, the Super Chromes (2006) would finally make their way back to retail as a #Target Exclusive series. By the end of 2007, Target had moved onto other nostalgic lines. The Super Chromes would ultimately make their way back to the mainline in 2013, and continue through to this day. For this latest wave of Super Chromes, the chrome-plating of metal bodies would be replaced by using a chrome VUM process over plastic-bodied Hot Wheels.

With only plastic-bodied Hot Wheels being eligible for the mainline #Super Chromes segment, we have seen a lot of fantasy castings appear in the series from 2013 to 2019. This year, collectors have applauded the decision to include licensed vehicles. The #Corvette Stingray is one of five cars in this year’s series, however, it — along with the #Custom ’77 Dodge Van — are the only licensed vehicles. We featured the collector-favorite, Custom ’77 Dodge Van earlier in the year.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Corvette Stingray from the 2019 Super Chromes series … also part of the 2019 Treasure Hunts (with 2019 Super Chromes Custom ’77 Dodge Van)

The #Super Chromes (2019) #Corvette Stingray features a very “patriotic” deco as this American car is lined with red & blue stripes. White stars adorn the hood and sides, along with the “SUPER CHROMES” logo and the signature, regular #Treasure Hunt, circle #Flame Logo (TH).

The Hot Wheels #Corvette Stingray casting may be a little wonky as its seen several retools since 1976. On this plastic-bodied release, the body lines aren’t as crisp as some of the more modern day tools, and it no longer has an interior — which was part of the window piece in an earlier version of the casting. Still, this #Super Chromes release is as nostalgic as it gets pairing a ’70s casting with a familiar ’70s deco, AND making it a #Treasure Hunt. If recent years have taught us anything, its that we can expect to see this car again (not as a TH) later in the year, in gold-chrome. Until then, this is one regular Treasure Hunt that you’ll most likely want to seek out as it does scream Hot Wheels nostalgia. Look for it, along with the Super ’92 Mustang, in the #2019 Hot Wheels “G” case assortments.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Chrome Body (plastic). Red-Tinted Windows. Chrome-Wall/Rim, Black 5SP Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Malaysia. Toy# FYG03. Released in 2019 as #5 of 5 in the Super Chromes series … also a Super Treasure Hunt (#159/250 in the 2019 mainline).

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  1. Hey Wilbert, I have an extra one I can send you if you like.

    Random act of kindness!- (Doesn’t just happen at the national convention) 👍

    • Hey dex826, we have to get in touch. My email is I would really appreciate it. I have been collecting since 2008 but i have alot of stuff. Maybe we could trade in the near future. I’m sure I might have something you might need or want.

  2. Hey Brad! I just started collecting about 3 years ago,..I was as green as they come. No clue what a hunt even was. I stumbled upon your site about 6 months ago and I just wanted to say “thank you” for all the knowledge you share on here. I’ve run across some Collectors that won’t even tell you what day of the week it is. They get so defensive about tips. Most people wake up and read the news, I wake up and read OTD articles! I saw you mention you have an 8-5 and a family. I can relate and appreciate the effort you put into these articles and the different perspectives you share. I’ve come to appreciate many more castings after you share the details of their history. Long story short, a huge thank you and keep up the AWESOME work!!

    • Awesome! Thank you, Dex! Always fulfilling to hear that the articles do help other collectors out there. As you can imagine, its hard to produce daily content with a young family so posts like this continue to motivate me to find the time. Cheers! -Brad

    • Oh about what you have said about the collectors you’ve met.. I’m not one of em. I try to help some of them out but it’s a very cut-throat hobby

  3. Holy cow man! I didn’t know there’d be such a history attached to this casting. Yeah, I’m so glad I found one of these because after reading this feature, i’d be scrambling trying to find one!
    When I first started collecting, licensed Treasure Hunts were the thing to hunt for; $TH’s seemed out of reach for me, because of scarcity, luck or were too expensive as a novice. There was a ‘WOW’ factor associated with hunting & finding a licensed TH. It seems like the last few years, the luster for finding TH’s dropped off because it seemed licensed TH’s were far outnumbered by non-licensed releases.

    This current example makes it that much more desirable because, for one, it’s a Corvette, it’s a ‘Super Chromes’ edition AND they made it into a Treasure Hunt! That patriotic paint scheme shows pretty nice against that blingy chrome skin & gets the funky treatment with those chrome sidewalls & red windows! What a package, huh??!!

    Thanks so much for bringing this beauty to light & also for providing all your effort to keep us all informed & entertained, because it ultimately leads us to add at least one more piece into our overwhelming hoarding problem.
    Thank you Brad!

  4. Hi Brad – I always enjoy your deep dives into specific castings, whether I collect them or not. This one is on my list but the back-to-back releases of G and H cases seemed to throw the stock off in my area (Central Phoenix). No luck with the G case Walmart Easter bins. But we’ll see, as some G case are appearing with H case assortments at Target. BTW, thanks for the tip on the latter; it yielded the OG RX-7!

    • Haha, glad to help! I am in Phoenix too and it does seem the Walmarts are inundated with the on-hand count from the Easter bins.

  5. Found one of these last night at a VF Outlet. Got home and noticed it was an error. Rear wheels on the front and the front wheels are on the back. Figure this makes it a rarity on top of it being a TH.

  6. I really enjoy these Super Chromes, picked up the ‘77 Custom Van, Bread Box, and while I have not found this in the Wild I was fortunate enough to have traded for one with a fellow collector. I know the Stang will be difficult but this TH, is amazing to me!

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