Volkswagen Series: VOLKSWAGEN T2 PICKUP

My must-have Super #Treasure Hunt of 2019 is here thanks to my friend, Tim (@tandphwguide on IG). Tim has been my “super savior” as of late, as I have been coming up short. Recently I’ve dedicated more time into this site, so Tim’s efforts (and kindness) are much appreciated! Without said efforts, I would not have, “my top super treasure hunt of 2019” (so far). This piece joins my #Volkswagen T2 Pickup casting collection, which has been coming along nicely since the casting’s debut just two years ago.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Volkswagen T2 Pickup FAMILY PHOTO, February 2019

The 2019 rendition of the Hot Wheels #Volkswagen T2 Pickup comes as part of the #Volkswagen Series for this year. Chances are, we will see this #VW in at least one more colorway before year’s end. How about the two variants that have been released thus far? Just the “super (TH) upgrade” alone makes this a marvelous pair, but there is so much more to it.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels VW T2 Pickup from the 2019 Volkswagen Series (both variants head-to-head)

This is one of several Hot Wheels releases (as of late) to be licensed by the wheel manufacturer, #fifteen52. I am actually surprised to see the common variant in metalflake brown (above, left) wear the fifteen52 logo, as its the Super #Treasure Hunt ($TH) in spectraflame brown (above, right) which is truly worthy of such. See, the $TH wears #Real Riders fifteen52 Outlaw Wheels, which if you have inferred by the name, means these are actually licensed #Real Riders. Pretty cool, right?

To go with the “Outlaw-style” wheels, Hot Wheels also created fifteen52’s Turbomac HD Wheels in 1/64 scale as well, which were last seen on the 2018 RLC Ford Raptor. While I prefer that wheel over this Outlaw-style, the Outlaw is slowly growing on me once I saw other collectors’ mention that the wheel can be adjusted to become more of a deep-dish style wheel (shown below).

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels VW T2 Pickup from the 2019 Volkswagen Series (close up of Fifteen52 Outlaw Wheel)

The fact that you can convert the #Real Rider fifteen52 Outlaw Wheels into a deep-dish style wheel — and back! — is something that is truly innovative from Hot Wheels. I don’t think we have seen any wheel in the history of the brand do this. It really knocks this #2019 Hot Wheels #Volkswagen Series $TH release of the #Volkswagen T2 Pickup out of the park for me. Its the first time we’ve seen this premium-line wheel in the mainline, and for $1, its a total steal. But thats kind of the M.O. of Super #Treasure Hunts to begin with, huh? They are premium-looking Hot Wheels that can be had for a buck — if you can find them.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the paint on this release as well. The #Spectraflame Paint on most of the 2019 Super #Treasure Hunts is brand-new for 2019. The paint is now done in a similar fashion as that of the spectraflame on 2018’s #HW 50th Originals Collection — which (I believe) is a semi-transparent paint over raw “polished” #ZAMAC bodies. The result is this very cool “metallic” look you see below.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels VW T2 Pickup from the 2019 Volkswagen Series (Super Treasure Hunt variant)

Strip away the #Spectraflame Paint, #Real Riders fifteen52 Outlaw Wheels, and “TH” logo on the sides and you’ve got the common variant in metalflake brown. This #Variation is no slouch as its a great release of the #Volkswagen T2 Pickup all by itself. Its just — compared to the $TH — it comes in a distant second place.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels VW T2 Pickup from the 2019 Volkswagen Series (common metalflake brown variant)

The #Volkswagen T2 Pickup is clearly a favorite of mine and I can’t wait to see what Hot Wheels has in store for us when it comes to this casting. I really, REALLY hope we see this #Jun Imai Designed casting make the jump to the premium lines as it would be outstanding in a #Car Culture series with some added detail, metal base and wearing #Real Riders once again.

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  1. Dang so lucky, for some reason all my local walmarts missed out on D & E cases. They all went from C cases to F cases. This VW was high on my to get list.

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