2018 Collector Edition: ’70 CHEVY BLAZER

Here’s one that you have probably seen before, but have not had a chance to obtain yet: the #2018 Collector Edition #’70 Chevy Blazer. It was scheduled to be a Walmart Mail-In for earlier this year, however, the details never surfaced. This left a lot of collectors resorting to secondary market tactics where they may have knowingly bought “stolen unspun prototypes” OR paid exuberant amounts in shipping to buy from sellers in Asia. Collectors like me who try to avoid those questionable “gray areas” of collecting, and inflated prices, were left wondering if we’d ever get our hand on this release.

Fortunately, I have a friend who, had a brother travel to the Philippines recently. He was able to hit up a toy store there, and sure enough, found the #Mail-In cars pegged — as collectors in the Asian markets have reported. The two #2018 Collector Editions were this #’70 Chevy Blazer and the upcoming ’69 Chevelle SS 396 — unknown what retailer that will be a promotion for. I asked if he would pick me up the #Blazer and he obliged! The store was selling these for P449.75 (Philippine Piso), which equates to about $8.50 in the US Dollar (see price tag below). I can honestly say that if we could pay that much to buy these at retail to skip the mail-in process, collectors would be all over that — its pretty much the cost for shipping we pay, plus the price to send our cardbacks in… and doesn’t factor in the $20 of Hot Wheels cars we have to purchase. I’m not complaining, but it certainly is a good deal for our friends in Asian markets.

Another way US collectors have been obtaining the #2018 Collector Edition #’70 Chevy Blazer is from right here in the US. Wait, what???

Yes, there is a third way US collectors have been obtaining this release and oddly enough, it makes it still a #Walmart Exclusive here in the US. The lucky collectors who have had the means to travel to one of the stops on the Hot Wheels Legends Tour this summer have reported these being in the vending machine that Mattel has brought with them to each stop. After buying $20 in Hot Wheels product at the accompanying Walmart store (where the events are held), attendees can show their receipt to earn a “spin” on the wheel, which designates which buttons they can press on the vending machine. Many collectors have reported winning these from their respective stops. I had planned to try and win one of these from my local stop in Phoenix on September 22nd, but thanks to my friend, my luck came early.

If you’re still waiting patiently for another opportunity to obtain the #2018 Collector Edition #’70 Chevy Blazer, I have a sneaking suspicion we could still see these for sale somewhere else. I have no idea where, but usually Mattel produces these in greater numbers than what have been released so far.

This rendition of the Hot Wheels #’70 Chevy Blazer has to be my favorite thus far. There were some decent releases of it in the 2011 Hot Wheels Garage line, but this kind of #Hot Wheels Race Team w/ flames #1 design over that bare-metal #ZAMAC body just looks hot. Truthfully, this is actually the first release of this casting in my collection, but it certainly has me thinking whether or not I should go back and pick up a few more.

Best of luck to you in obtaining one of these if you haven’t already. Its certainly a cool piece that makes me glad I’m a loose collector as it looks a heck of a lot better out of the packaging. Collect what you like, and happy hunting my friends!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Unpainted “ZAMAC” Metal Body. Tinted Windows. Blue Interior. Red-Rim, Chrome Real Riders 5-Spoke Wheels w/ “HOT WHEELS” tampo on tires. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Malaysia. Toy# FKF87. Released in 2018 as #1 of 6 in the 2018 Collector Edition series.

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  1. Great story and thanks for the heads up. Can’t wait for the tour here in Texas. How is that so many end up unspun though? Smh

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