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These are vehicles with “1” on them.

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Why does the Hot Wheels team front-load the Mystery Models with desirable CHASE pieces?

As if there weren’t enough Hot Wheels lines to chase these days — with subsequent #Chase pieces — the Hot Wheels team has front-loaded the 2022 #Mystery Models with some pretty desirable Hot Wheels: the #Porsche 993 GT2, #’92 BMW M3, and everyone’s favorite hype-generating money-maker, the #’71 […]

Orange Track Diecast

2019 Collector Edition: ’67 FORD BRONCO

The first #Mail-In promotion for 2019 is almost over (ends June 5th). Its kind of crazy considering we are over half-way through the Hot Wheels year already, and have only had one mail-in promotion. That shouldn’t surprise anyone though; as we were in a similar situation last year. […]

2018 Collector Edition: ’70 CHEVY BLAZER

Here’s one that you have probably seen before, but have not had a chance to obtain yet: the #2018 Collector Edition #’70 Chevy Blazer. It was scheduled to be a Walmart Mail-In for earlier this year, however, the details never surfaced. This left a lot of collectors resorting […]

Kalifornia Kustoms: ’94 CAMARO

Towards the end of the #100% Hot Wheels — 2006 to be exact — the line was known as #Kalifornia Kustoms. These highly-detailed, multi-piece Hot Wheels castings were designed for the collector and featured a 14+ age on the packaging. For just this one year, the line’s packaging […]

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Legends of Speed: WINNING FORMULA

I have to admit that I was a little surprised to find this regular #Treasure Hunt sitting in a sidekick at Target the other day. While regular Treasure Hunts (TH) seem to either be produced in higher quantities as of late and/or collectors are just leaving them behind, […]

Orange Track Diecast

1997 Hot Wheels #618: CHEVY STOCKER

Chances are, if you’ve raced Hot Wheels before, you’ve heard of the infamous “Huffman Stocker” before. Rarely does anyone call this one-off release by its packaged name of Chevy Stocker as Hot Wheels already had a very similar casting by that name at the time of this release […]