List of Hot Wheels 2018 Mail-In Promotions (UPDATED 12/12)

02/01/2018 — Hot Wheels is once again partnering with the big box retailers to offer promotional vehicles for buying cars at retail. So far, Walmart and Kmart (yes, there are still a few Kmarts that exist) have been announced as promotional partners for 2018 mail-ins, and there remains a likely chance we will see one from Toys R Us as well.

Orange Track Diecast

31st Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention FINALE SNEAK PEEK: 2018 Mail-In Cars, ’70 Chevy Blazer & ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser

Below is the list of 2018 mail-in cars:

NOTE: Some of these items were available internationally at retail OR as part of promotions.

UPDATED 12/12/2018: Details linked for VW Drag Truck.

UPDATED 12/1/2018: Promo dates added for VW Drag Truck.

UPDATED 10/11/2018: Added ’66 Batmobile mail-in details.

UPDATED 10/10/2018: Added some details (and questions).

UPDATED 8/15/2018: Added ’70 Chevy Blazer links to pics and OTD article.

UPDATED 8/5/2018: Added Customized VW Drag Truck as sixth vehicle. Changed Blazer’s availability. No word yet on why Walmart scrapped the mail in process.

UPDATED 5/31/2018: Added Custom GMC Panel Van Promo Links.

UPDATED 5/29/2018: Added “Target Mail-In Exclusive, June 2018” to Custom GMC Panel Van

UPDATED 3/21/2018: Added ’66 Batmobile

UPDATED 3/21/2018: Added Custom GMC Panel Van

UPDATED 2/2/2018: Added ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser promotion details.

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    • Hey Jim! It hasn’t started yet. Going off of last year’s schedule.. the Walmart promo should start somewhere around the first week of April.

      • Brad, You seem to know what’s up with the Hot Wheel mail in cars. I’m a comic book collector but my son is 13 and he LOVES Hot Wheels. I gave him all my old red liners and he was thrilled. Can you give me some info on how and where to find these mail in Hot Wheels before it’s too late and where do you go to get the info to know where to get the coupon or whatever it is you get to get the mail in cars. I would very much appreciate it and would make it worth your time. Again I appreciate it and thank you. After you answer, I’ll send you a nice red liner in the mail so be sure to include your address. Thanks again for your info and your time.


    • kevin, my name is wilbert. to get a mail in car there is a promotion at a big store like walmart or target. they then come out with numbers that you have to get{ the numbers will be found on the back of the card} you will have to get 20 dollars worth{ before taxes} take the cars out of the package and send the cardboard in to mattel. they will usually have all the information on hotwheelscollectors,com whenever the next one happens. on this website is a order form that you’ll have to send in with the packages. they just had one from target but its closed now. if you go on that website, it might shed better light on the subject. i hope this helps.

    • I’ve heard that it may not happen. Not sure yet on the reasoning, but if that is the case, they will be distributed/sold another way since they are already produced.

    • Nope, however, the “Walmart Mail-In” ’70 Blazer is showing up as a promo internationally and in the vending machine at the Hot Wheels Legends (Car Show) events.

  1. Any news on that illusive Walmart blazer? Did we miss it? I know things got wacky with the loss of TRU and Kdays…..any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • No new news on the Walmart Blazer. Last I heard, theres a good chance they aren’t doing the promotion. With that said, they will be offered another way. I have seen them appear in stores in Asia, and they have had them in the Vending Machine at the Legends Tour. But thats it for now.

  2. Has there been any other word on the next main in? They seem to be running slow this year with only 2 realeased and 1/2 way through the year already….

    • Not right now, unfortunately.

      I actually have one coming from a friend whose brother traveled to the Philippines and brought a couple Blazers and Chevelles back. Apparently they sell them at retail there. I have also seen other countries where they offer them as an in-store promo item (ie. buy x, get it free).

      • Brad…. Please read up top or anyone else that can help me I appreciate IT.


  3. There use to be a link here for the Kmart Mail In Batmobile order form, does anyone know where I can download it? The one on the Red Line Site doesn’t work for some reason. Thanks

  4. I got my cases from Kmart on Oct 4 and that’s what the receipt says. Will they still count for the batmobile? It said starting date is Oct 14.

  5. WTF??? Originally it said it started back at the end of September and now they move it?? I got mine last week online as well. They better fix this $hit!!! I getting sick of Mattel’s BS and incompetence!

  6. The RLC has updated the promo info to reflect the original dates Kmart had listed. So the promo date starts 9/23. Cases bought online on the 4th are good for the promo.

  7. Does someone have the list of cars needed for the Batman mail in? the link for the Rules PDF is not working.

    Thank you, Don

    • It’s the 2018 cars with L2593 on the card. Not sure if they have to come from Kmart or not but the receipt does.

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