List of Hot Wheels 2018 Mail-In Promotions (UPDATED 3/29)

02/01/2018 — Hot Wheels is once again partnering with the big box retailers to offer promotional vehicles for buying cars at retail. So far, Walmart and Kmart (yes, there are still a few Kmarts that exist) have been announced as promotional partners for 2018 mail-ins, and there remains a likely chance we will see one from Toys R Us as well.

Orange Track Diecast

31st Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention FINALE SNEAK PEEK: 2018 Mail-In Cars, ’70 Chevy Blazer & ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser

Below is the list of 2018 mail-in cars:

  • ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser
    Kmart Mail-In Exclusive, 2/11/2018 to 4/7/2018
    [HWC ARTICLE] [RULES] [PIC Carded] [PIC Loose]
  • ’70 Chevy Blazer 
    Walmart Mail-In Exclusive
    [HWC Article] [RULES] [PIC Carded] [PIC Loose]
  • ’69 Chevelle SS 396
  • Custom GMC Panel Van
  • ’66 Batmobile

UPDATED 3/21/2018: Added ’66 Batmobile

UPDATED 3/21/2018: Added Custom GMC Panel Van

UPDATED 2/2/2018: Added ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser promotion details.


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    • Hey Jim! It hasn’t started yet. Going off of last year’s schedule.. the Walmart promo should start somewhere around the first week of April.

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