Car Culture / Cargo Carriers: VOLKSWAGEN SUNAGON

The Hot Wheels #Car Culture / Cargo Carriers series has been out for almost two months now and as much as I’ve heard collectors rave about the other castings in this series, I feel like I’ve heard the least about the #Volkswagen Sunagon. That certainly comes as a surprise to me as this classic Hot Wheels casting — which originally made its debut in 1982 — was retooled in 2011, and is still a collector favorite.

The Hot Wheels #Volkswagen Sunagon has a pop-up camper top on its roof which serves as the casting’s #Opening Feature — making it always a fun casting to display loose. Add that to the fact that it has a #Bike in Tow attached to the back and this weekend warrior of a casting ranks high in diecast personality. Collectors that grew up in the real riders era have always had a soft-spot in their hearts for this #VW as many remember playing with it in their childhood.

Why are so few collectors talking about this casting today? … especially with the fact that this one is the most limited vehicle in this latest mix of #Car Culture?

I don’t have an answer for you, but collectors are realizing just that: this is one of the more limited Hot Wheels #Car Culture cars as it comes only one per case. The case breakdown for the #Car Culture / Cargo Carriers mix is as follows: (2) Volkswagen T1 Panel bus, (2) Nissan Skyline C10 Wagon, (2) Honda Odyssey, and (3) Ford Transit Super Van, leaving the only remaining spot in the 10-car case for the (1) Volkswagen Sunagon. I’m not sure why the decision was made to drop the numbers of the Sunagon in favor of upping the quantity of the Gulf Transit Van, but given that #Gulf Racing is a super popular livery right now, it seems like that played a factor.

For whatever the reason for its lesser quantities in the #Car Culture / Cargo Carriers series, its just great to see another release of the casting that many traditional collectors hold in high regard. That original #Volkswagen Sunagon was produced from 1982 to sometime in the early ’90s; but its return in 2011 has certainly generated some great releases since. It had two colorways from 2011 to 2012 as part of the reintroduction of #The Hot Ones line, but it was its #Retro Entertainment release as the iconic “Island Hoppers” #VW Vanagon from the Magnum, P.I. (1980-1988) TV series which may very well be the best of the bunch.

With that said, that is a #TV & Movie Car design, whereas this unlicensed #Car Culture / Cargo Carriers deco is certainly the more fitting of the two. The tampo’d wood panels on the sides are a nice touch as its this van that certainly has that weekend warrior feel to it.

In a couple years, it will be interesting to see if this Cargo Carriers #Volkswagen Sunagon develops that “harder to find” / “more desirable” reputation due to the fact that many collectors have passed on it — even with its limited nature — in favor of the more popular #VW in the mix, and the two JDM cars (Skyline Wagon & Honda Odyssey). As always, time will tell. Either way, this is one cool camper that you certainly shouldn’t look past!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Tan Body (metal). Tinted Windows. Dark Red Interior. Chrome Real Riders 4-Spoke Wheels (RR4SP). Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Thailand. Toy# FLC12. Released in 2018 as #3 of 5 in the Car Culture / Cargo Carriers series.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. By the time the light fully goes on (in the collector’s minds) of those passing on this casting now, of course, it’ll be far, far too late to begin hoarding’em!

  2. I have to admit it was not on my list of wants from this assortment but when I first found it I picked it up because A: I don’t have one in my collection and B: it fits in my collection. Kinda plain but looks like something you would actually see on the road.

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