Legends of Speed (2017 New Model): FAIRLADY 2000

For some the 2017 New Models, the Hot Wheels YouTube channel has been trying something new … something that I am quite fond of. They have been putting on a series called, “All Access” in which the designers of certain #2017 New Models explain their original thoughts behind creating the casting, what went into the execution of the design, and some of the special features the casting has. These are all details, collectors like me have spent years trying to figure out through conversations across message boards and other social media avenues, in addition to speaking with the designers and other collectors at gatherings such as the bi-yearly conventions and local car shows. So needless to say, you can see why I’m excited and why I hope this series continues.

In the latest All Access video, posted just last week (and can be seen at the bottom of this article), Hot Wheels Diecast Design Manager, Jun Imai talks about one of his more recent creations in the #Fairlady 2000.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Fairlady 2000 from the 2017 Legends of Speed Series … also a 2017 New Model (rear)

According to Jun, “this car was from a much simpler time, from the ’60s … when racing was pure” and it was all about connecting the driver to the car, and the car to the track. For Jun, who already owns three 1:1 #Datsun/Nissan cars, wishes this was his forth — he designed it the way he himself would have built it.

After a nice conversation with Jun at the convention in October, in which I mentioned how collectors such as myself love all the detail the design team has put into the castings as of late, he shared with me that his passion when designing castings is giving them that added detail — or what I have often referred to as “character” throughout my posts here at OTD. In this All Access video, the first detail Jun mentioned is the external mount oil cooler in the front of the casting. Since its part of the chassis/base, it provides a nice “color break”, really helping it stand out. Its a detail that would almost surely be lost had it been part of the metal body. Another feature that he decided to cast into the base was the side-exhaust which is on the blister-card-facing, passenger side — proving to be an added caveat for the openers out there! Speaking of which, the outer-side-facing part of the car has a right-hand side steering wheel because its a #JDM car after all.

Lastly, in having control of the graphic design of this #First Edition release, Jun decided to leave the racing numbers off of the large roundels on the hood and doors as he intended for this to be a street car, versus being a racing car. Its nice to have the reasoning behind this (on this release) as often, collectors are led to believe that blank roundels are there for kids to write their own numbers on the vehicle.

Without all this knowledge that Jun shared with us, this many have seemed like just another weird looking Hot Wheels car to some, but now, you can see all the cool details involved in recreating this custom #JDM vintage racer. The next colorway (seafoam green) is already on the horizon, and it showcases a brand-new mainline wheel in the steelie. Look for that one to appear here soon, until then, look for this one on the pegs now!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Yellow-Cream Body (metal). Clear Windows. Black Interior. Orange-Chrome-Rim, Black Muscle-Car 5-Spoke (MC5) Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# DTW94. Released in 2017 as #1 of 10 in the Legends of Speed series (also a 2017 New Model).

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