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Orange Track Diecast

Then and Now Series (2017 New Model): ’95 MAZDA RX-7

Arguably the best #2017 New Model is the long-overdue, #’95 Madza RX-7. For the last decade or so, collectors have had this popular rotary sports car at the top of their wishlists and this year, the fine folks at Hot Wheels finally obliged as this #First Edition of […]

Orange Track Diecast

Street Beasts (2017 New Model): MOTOSAURUS

In what may be the funkiest Hot Wheels vehicle of the year, the #2017 New Models #Motosaurus blends two facets of kids’ culture — dinosaurs and Hot Wheels. Don’t think I haven’t noticed some of you collectors picking this up with your #2017 Hot Wheels “L” case assortment […]

Orange Track Diecast

Street Beasts (2017 New Model): HOTWEILER

Woof! …has been the reaction by a lot collectors towards most of the fantasy cars Hot Wheels has produced as of late. While you can’t fault the collectors who love real looking vehicles with minimal graphics, you have to realize the Hot Wheels mainline is as diverse of […]