Fast & Furious: HONDA S2000

Way back in April, after the 16th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals Convention in Indianapolis, this image surfaced as it was in the finale sneak peek slide show at the convention. The hype for this release has reached insurmountable levels as collectors have licked their chops for just under seven months. Said hype, even escalated when it was revealed that the rest of the seven cars in this #Fast & Furious 8-car series would be repeats, making the #Honda S2000 the only car that hadn’t been repeated yet. Plus, it was pink, and Hot Wheels collectors have a strange affection towards this color as many instantly see dollar signs when it comes to pink cars — the old redline mentality still plays with perceived notions in today’s day & age.


Several days ago, we looked at the 2011 New Models: Honda S2000 and how much value this release (and casting) has gained in recent years. With the recent convention release of the Ryu Asada Dinner Car Honda S2000, and this #Fast & Furious release, collectors have this casting on their collecting forefront — this has led to collectors tracking down previous releases and hoarding/scalping this pink beauty. Personally, I couldn’t even tell you if this #Walmart Exclusive series has hit the several Walmart stores I frequent as I have yet to see the dump bin (or any remaining cars for that matter). Fortunately, I found a deal on ebay, that justified all the time I already spent looking for these cars so I was able to get this release of the #Honda S2000.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Honda S2000 from the 2016 Fast & Furious series (Walmart Exclusive)

For as popular as it is, this release of the S2000 lacks the detailed taillights the 2011 New Models version had. But that is not the most glaring omission when it comes to this release’s authenticity. Honestly, I’m actually a little surprised that Universal Studios approved the license for this release. Despite wearing the awesome “anime-style” graphics on the sides, and the car being a Honda S2000; the year, body kit, and spoiler are all wrong. That is not even mentioning the fact that Suki’s car in 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) was a convertible whereas this casting was designed as a hardtop. Great car, but not authentic…

The great news coming from the 30th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention finale is that the Honda S2000 will reappear in the next #Fast & Furious series in 2017. However, this will not be a repeat of Suki’s (shown below), it will be Johnny Tran’s black S2000 from the first movie. We will see if collectors take as strong of a liking to that one the way they did to with this one.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Pink Enamel Body (metal). Tinted Windows. Gray Interior. Chrome PR5 Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Thailand. Toy# DVG79. Released in 2016 as #2 of 8 in the Walmart Exclusive, Fast & Furious Series.

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