Entertainment Line: The Dark Knight Trilogy ’05 “TUMBLER” BATMOBILE

Since Mattel obtained the #Batmobile license from DC Comics in 2004, Hot Wheels has manufactured just about every incarnation of the Batmobile. Many Batman fans and collectors refer to certain Batmobiles as “The Keaton Batmobile” or the “TV Series Batmobile” or even by using the year in which the movie (of which it first appeared in) came out — I prefer the latter. I’ve explained this before and I will continue to as many (including Hot Wheels) have a wide range of naming conventions for these.

The Hot Wheels ’05 Batmobile, which most people refer to as the “Tumbler” has been in the Hot Wheels lineup since it was first used to promote Batman Begins — both of which released in 2005. Used as the Batmobile in The Dark Knight Trilogy, the actual Batmobile was painted black in the first film whereas the spares were seen in their original color, beige with camouflage. Hot Wheels has of course released this casting in both the black and the beige camouflage over the last 11 years and even had an all chrome version for the San Diego Comic Con back in 2005.

Last year, 10 years after the initial release of the casting appeared, the ’05 Batmobile appeared in the premium #Hot Wheels Entertainment Line. The detailed nature of cars in this line often puts their mainline counterparts to shame as was the case with the 2015 Entertainment one throwing shade all over its 2014 HW City / Batman 75th Anniversary Series version.

Orange Track Diecast

Comparison between the Hot Wheels The Dark Knight ’05 “Tumbler” Batmobile (Camouflage) versions from the 2014 Basic/Mainline (left) and from the Premium 2015 Entertainment line (right) … Front Shot

The most notable difference is the use of the metal body in the 2015 release versus the plastic-bodied 2014 mainline version. Sure, if you’re into racing Hot Wheels, the mainline cars have the edge with their hard-plastic wheels but the 2015 Entertainment line version checks every other box when compared head-to-head.

In addition to the gorgeous metal body, the #Real Riders on the 2015 premium version give the car a more authentic look. Past that, the Tumbler’s jet engine has some added detail (shown below). The bottom of the 2015 premium version also wears a beige-painted metal base.

Orange Track Diecast

Comparison between the Hot Wheels The Dark Knight ’05 “Tumbler” Batmobile (Camouflage) versions from the 2014 Basic/Mainline (left) and from the Premium 2015 Entertainment line (right) … Rear Shot

So while Batman himself may have updated his ride to the ’16 Batmobile, Batman fans who have taken a liking to The Dark Knight Trilogy “Tumbler”, have a lot to forward to as Hot Wheels continues to release this casting. Those same enthusiasts can also build a Tumbler collection quite nicely as there have been over 8 versions of this casting released ranging from basic to premium, black to camouflage.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Matte Beige Body (metal) w/ a Metalflake Copper camouflage pattern. Black Painted Windows. Black-Chrome Real Rider Deep-Dish Wheels on front and Knobby Real Riders Deep Dish Wheels on back. Matte Beige Base (metal). Toy# CFR16. Released in 2015 as part of the Hot Wheels Entertainment line representing The Dark Knight Trilogy.

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