Heat Fleet Series: RIG WRECKER

Known as the Ramblin’ Wrecker for this release, the Rig Wrecker was a semi-popular Hot Wheels casting until it was retired in 2002 2003. Originally slated to be “final run’d” in 2002, the line was dropped by Toys R Us early in the year and it ended up appearing in the 2003 mainline Final Run Series–some even have a “Final Run 2002” logo on them.

This boxy, 3-axle tow truck was introduced in 1983 and replaced the original Ramblin’ Wrecker that ran from 1975 to 1983. In the 1997 Heat Fleet series release (shown below), the Rig Wrecker wore gloss black paint, blue-outlined flames and featured a bright orange light bar and boom. Personally, this was one of the best releases of this casting as I was very excited to find the one you see below back in ’97.

As far as the Heat Fleet Series the Rig Wrecker was in…

The #Heat Fleet Series (by name) originated in 1997 but was not the first mainline segment series to feature all flamed vehicles. That would have been the 1996 Flame Thrower Series. The Heat Fleet Series was essentially the same series but under a different name. After 1997, the Heat Fleet series did not reappear until 2009 which was followed by 10-car runs in 2011 to 2015, before it was renamed the HW Flames Series for 2016.

Rig Wrecker - 97 Heat Fleet 600pxDM

RELEASE DETAILS: Gloss Black Body (metal). Tinted Windows. Chrome Interior. Chrome 7-Spoke (7SP) Wheels. Chrome Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# 16913. Released in 1997 as #4 of 4 in the Heat Fleet Series.

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