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HW Showroom / Heat Fleet Series: CUSTOM ’56 FORD F-100

As one of the most glamorous trucks of all-time, the 1956 Ford looks great at all trim levels on all scales. So much so, that Hot Wheels has done several castings of the ’56 Ford. Living in Hot Wheels nostalgia, is the Hi-Tail Hauler which is known for […]

Diecast Motorsports

Heat Fleet Series: RIG WRECKER

Known as the Ramblin’ Wrecker for this release, the Rig Wrecker was a semi-popular Hot Wheels casting until it was retired in 2002 2003. Originally slated to be “final run’d” in 2002, the line was dropped by Toys R Us early in the year and it ended up appearing […]

Diecast Motorsports

Heat Fleet Series: ’07 CHEVY SILVERADO

The reason I love Hot Wheels over other brands is that the Hot Wheels brand sticks to the branding effort they set back in 1968, making “California Custom Miniature Cars”. This is achieved by customizing the appearance of the vehicles with paint, graphics, stance, body kits, or just […]