HW Rescue Series: FIAT 500

Is it a Treasure Hunt? Is it NOT a Treasure Hunt? That’s what collectors have wondered since stumbling upon the Fiat 500 in the HW City / HW Rescue Series in late 2015. In 2015, collectors were greeted with two tiers of Treasure Hunt (TH) cars by Hot Wheels–“regulars”and “supers”. The “regular” Treasure Hunts, which seemed plentiful this year, were only designated by a “circled-flame logo” found behind the vehicle on the blister card and as a graphic somewhere on the vehicle. The “super” Treasure Hunts also have the card designation but also have special spectraflame paint, real rider wheels and a “TH” somewhere on the vehicle. Just when collectors thought they had the list of all the regular TH vehicles figured out, someone opens the Fiat 500 and uncovers this…

Fiat 500 - 15 HW Rescue BLISTER CARD 600pxDM

…that darn “circled-flame logo” behind the car. Hmmmm. Well, apparently the folks at Hot Wheels had intended to have the Fiat 500 be included in this years regular TH cars, but for some reason or another they made a decision to not include it as part, however, this was AFTER the blister cards had already been printed.


It became more apparent when these started showing up 2 to 3 per case. Regular THs come no more than 1 per case. All was not lost however as there is always more to collecting than what is, or is not, a TH. It seems as though the inspiration behind the graphic design of this release was drawn from real Italian Fiat police cars. If you’re a collector of Hot Wheels #Police Vehicles–or more specifically–Hot Wheels Italian Police Cars, this should go great in your collection right next to the Lamborghini Gallardo Speed Machines release from 2010.

If its the Hot Wheels Fiat 500 casting you’re after, this is only the third of three Fiat 500s to be released so far–with the other two (dark red & pearl white versions) having been released last year (as a 2014 New Model) in the HW City / Nightburnerz Series.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Sky Blue Body (metal). Tinted Windows. Black Interior. White 10-Spoke (10SP) Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# CFH70. Released in 2015 as part of the HW City / HW Rescue Series.

UPDATED 07/09/2017 — Main image updated.

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