Heritage / Real Riders: TEXAS DRIVE ‘EM

Man, I sure got bit by the “gotta-have-it-nows” when I saw this truck first pop-up for sale. See, I haven’t found a Texas Drive ‘Em (TDE) at retail since I found its first Hot Wheels Classics release in a grocery store in 2009. I have scored a few of the premium releases since; but this casting has eluded me at retail since that day in 2009. So since my track record isn’t that great with this casting, I decided to grab this one for $10-shipped.

For some reason, this paint scheme really spoke to me. So much so, that I have seriously debated building a dirt track diorama just so I could feature this vehicle in it. The bright goldish-yellow pops off the standard blue packaging from the Heritage line / Real Riders Series. The “Knobby” Off-Road Real Riders wheels have always looked great on this casting and the “Excitebike” graphics along with “DIRT TRACK CONSTRUCTION” wording really strike some kind of nostalgic nerve with me. Also, the black bikes & interior look far better than the red insert from the Pop Culture: Cocoa Puffs version.

So check out your local retailers that carry the Hot Wheels #Heritage line as this one is now appearing and certainly won’t last long. The TDE is one of those castings where the first collector to the pegs usually grabs them all. And with this paint job, you can expect to pay up if you’re going to choose to go through secondary market channels to obtain one.

Texas Drive Em - 15 Heritage RR 600pxDM

RELEASE DETAILS: Yellow Enamel Body (metal). Clear Windows. Black Interior. Chrome Off-Road Deep-Dish Real Rider Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Malaysia. Toy# CFN96. Released in 2015 in the Hot Wheels Heritage line as #17 of 18 in the Real Riders Series.

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