Tag: Unlicensed Hot Wheels

Unlicensed Hot Wheels are Hot Wheels castings that don’t require licensing agreements with automobile manufacturers. These can be fantasy vehicles and/or realistically proportioned vehicles. These are designed in-house by Hot Wheels designers.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels CRUSHED CARS coming soon to Monster Trucks line; Here’s your exclusive look!

How many Hot Wheels cars did you crush as a kid? I know I mutilated a few in my adolescent years as many ’80s blackwalls met the hammer, brick, and flame. When did the destructive behavior begin? It was near the sandbox were many Hot Wheels met their […]

Orange Track Diecast

Tooned (2020 New Model): RV THERE YET

File this under: straight-wacky. The brand-new, Hot Wheels #RV There Yet has just been released and it already has the collectors talking. This wacky car & camper combo is truly unique. It features a cartoony hatchback with an equally cartoony camper on back — hence why it is […]