HW Metro (2020 New Model): Thomas & Friends LOCO MOTORIN’

The Hot Wheels #Loco Motorin’ had quite the debut. No one would have thought that an #Unlicensed Hot Wheels train car would have flown off the pegs — yet, here we are — the Loco Motorin’ has been sought after by collectors in the last several weeks since its debut. Of course, when I say “collectors” it’s not just Hot Wheels collectors, but also refers to the #Thomas & Friends collectors as well.

The #Thomas & Friends deco has done wonders for the #First Edition of the #Loco Motorin’ for that very fact: it appeals to two different collector bases, and most of all, KIDS! Thomas the Train is another Mattel property so its only fitting that the silver-faced, cartoon Thomas found his way onto a Hot Wheels “car” in this, the 75th Anniversary of Mattel.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Loco Motorin’ from the 2020 HW Metro series … also part of the 2020 New Models (on orange track)

This new, train locomotive casting designed by Hot Wheels Designer, Kevin Cao, has a rather muscular physique. Kind of funny considering Thomas has traditionally been depicted as a boxy train that is rather friendly. The #Loco Motorin’ looks fierce, and on the track, it should be as this Hot Wheels car was designed for performance — unlike its train predecessor, the Rail Rodder, which was in Hot Wheels lineups from 1997 to 2007.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Loco Motorin’ from the 2020 HW Metro series … also part of the 2020 New Models (head-to-head with Rail Rodder)

Since the Hot Wheels #Loco Motorin’ was made for the track, this muscular “steam-powered” train design needed a low center-of-gravity. Kevin designed the base of the Loco Motorin’ to be all metal, while the body and engine pieces are both ABS plastic. This was actually a characteristic that was carried over from the Hot Wheels Rapid Transit line — a line of trains & train cars that were made to race on Hot Wheels track — released 10 years ago.

So while the #Thomas & Friends graphics may have drawn above-average interest in this #Unlicensed Hot Wheels casting, the novelty of it seems to be wearing off among Hot Wheels collectors. That’s great news for the Thomas & Friends collectors out there as well as the kids that are obsessed with this little blue train. They will be snatching these up for the months to come as Hot Wheels enthusiasts eagerly await where the graphics team takes this casting next!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Loco Motorin’ from the 2020 HW Metro series … also part of the 2020 New Models

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  1. This is indeed a nice little model, and my 3yo loves it. My only criticism is the choice of rear wheels. They are too wide to fit into the standard wooden tracks made by Brio & other manufacturers. The front wheels fit nicely–and appear to have been designed for this very purpose (or perhaps it is just coincidence)–but the rear wheels just drag along on top of the grooves in the track. Mattel therefore also missed another trick, where this model could have provided a crossover link into those much-maligned wooden HW cars aimed at the very young. They look like they would fit into those tracks. Anyway, that was just a tangent–this is a nice model, and the adjective ‘muscular’ was a good choice Brad. I look forward to some HW carriages in due course, to hook onto the coupling on the back of this locomotive!

  2. What took Mattel solong?… My son would have loved this when he was a toddler. Since he’s almost driving age now, won’t appreciate much as if he were a youngster.. oh well, maybe the new little kiddos out there will be up for it .. heck, I may look into it for the nostalgia of it!
    Cool write up!

  3. The wheels are lacking, I think. I wonder what else they could do? Emojis on the front? It would be great for a Christmas livery. If they did real Holiday Hot Rods anymore instead of the lame “Winter” assortments. A Halloween version with something ghoulish on the front would be awesome. There’s not a lot is surface area for graphics. With a plastic body it will probably make the rounds in Super Chromes, X-Raycers, and Glow Wheels.

  4. How come some blistercards have a ‘gold’ “75” train engine silhouette on them (under the “Thomas & Friends” cloud on front) and some don’t?
    I have one of each so far.

  5. Can you tell me how much my thomas the train hot wheels is worth because the face of Thomas is missing.

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