HW Dream Garage (2020 New Model): MATTEL DREAM MOBILE

14 years before Hot Wheels even came into existence, Mattel released its first car: the Mattel “Dream” Car. Sold in 1953 for $1.98 the 1:24 scale “Dream” Car was Mattel founder, Elliot Handler’s vision of the future of the automobile.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mattel Dream Mobile from the 2020 HW Dream Garage series … also part of the 2020 New Models (side view)

The Hot Wheels #Mattel Dream Mobile celebrates that original Mattel “Dream” Car as it is being released in the 2020 HW Dream Garage in this, the 75th anniversary year for Mattel. As you can see from the video below, the Dream Mobile has truly been a passion project for Hot Wheels Designer, Neal Smith who is the reason why this car was made into a Hot Wheels car in the first place. The video showcasing the original 1953 “Dream” Car below is from his YouTube channel.

As you can see, the Mattel “Dream” Car has a rich history that spans for several years — all before the days of spectraflame paint and redlines.

You can see that the #Mattel Dream Mobile comes close to recreating that 1953 “Dream” Car in Hot Wheels form. Neal and fellow Hot Wheels Designer, Ryu Asada collaborated on the design bringing this 1953 relic into #2020 Hot Wheels mainline form.

The body of the Hot Wheels car is metal — versus plastic on the original model. Certainly, that’s a win for Hot Wheels enthusiasts that favor metal-bodied cars. The sides are painted silver, whereas the chrome on the original piece was actually a piece of sheet metal per Neal’s video. And, unlike the 1:24 scale representation, the 1:64 Hot Wheels car has no removable top.

In Neal’s video, succeeding models of the “Dream” Car came in several colors so it will be interesting to see if future colorways of the Hot Wheels car follow that original color release schedule OR if this one is destined for some Hot Wheels flames. Either way, it’s a new car with a great backstory thanks to Neal’s video. Look for the #Mattel Dream Mobile in stores now!

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  1. When I first saw sneaks of this car Futurama immediately came to mind and I thought it was a weird pairing. Knowing this makes the casting that much cooler it’s like a full circle of the one of the first pre hot wheels finally becomes a hot wheels. Great article and awesome that designers think of things like this as well!

  2. Anybody know how many different HW blistercards will have the Mattel 75th Anniversary logo on them?

    I know of two; this vehicle and a Circle Tracker.

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