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HWOTD // Super Treasure Hunt / HW Performance Series: ’70 CAMARO ROAD RACE

Hot Wheels of the Day

’70 Camaro Road Race

Super Treasure Hunt / HW Performance Series


There is a lot to love about the #’70 Camaro Road Race Super #Treasure Hunt from 2012. First things first: notice how it got the “tampo upgrade” with the additional graphics on the hood, roof, and trunk over its common variant counterpart? Those additional graphics are one of the better executions of the tampo upgrade since $THs started in 2007. Next, the color: Red. When red basics (mainlines) have a $TH counterpart, the supers get this “dark red” #Spectraflame Paint. The color is a lot more closer to red these days, but 10 years ago, it was a lot darker.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt ’70 Camaro Road Race from the 2014 HW Performance series with its common variant in red

As with any Super #Treasure Hunt, the wheels always seem to make the difference. In this case, the #’70 Camaro Road Race was outfitted with chrome #Real Riders Exotic Wheels. Perhaps #Real Riders 5-Spoke Wheels would have been the better option here but the RREs certainly give this one a unique — almost show car — look.

Since this car appeared in the #HW Performance Series (precursor to #HW Speed Graphics), this #’70 Camaro Road Race also received the #Champion spark plugs livery. I can’t recall a more blatant Champion livery outside of the Slick Rides #Combat Medic from 2010 — and, certainly not one as flashy as this. Licensors have to be ecstatic when their models get the super upgrade. This example is easily one that looks good in any showroom display case.

Color (material): Spectraflame Red (metal)
Chassis (material): Chrome (plastic)
Windows: Smoke Tint
Interior: Gray
Deco: Champion Spark Plugs, #3
Wheels: Chrome Real Riders Exotic Wheels
Country of Manufacture: Malaysia
Toy# (SKU): V5371

Orange Track Diecast

ESTIMATED MARKET VALUE (Carded, December 2022)


The 2012 Super Treasure Hunts were the first year supers were “hidden” — meaning, there was no more green stripe to identify them as #Treasure Hunts. The idea was to prevent employees (or casual resellers) from just pulling the “green stripe” from cases and hopefully getting more into the hands of collectors. Doing so had to help a little but as we all know, resellers are extremely resourceful when hunting down valuable toy collectibles.

What the “hidden” supers of 2012 did open up for were recolors/colorways. Sadly, I could not locate the really nice metalflake black #Champion #’70 Camaro Road Race in time to take these pictures as the three make a great trio for this casting’s collection.

For being a 10-year-old super, the #’70 Camaro Road Race isn’t crazy desirable with today’s Hot Wheels collecting crowd. Maybe it isn’t seen as a high dollar one because the casting isn’t one that collectors usually flock to the pegs over, but truth-be-told, it actually is one of my favorite #Camaro castings. I love the stance of it, combined with the large duck-tail spoiler in the back and the roll cage in the interior. Sure, some front and rear detail would have done this release some justice with its busy livery, but the lack of detail is really the only shortcoming when it comes to this Super #Treasure Hunt release.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt ’70 Camaro Road Race from the 2014 HW Performance series with its common variant in red (rear view)

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  1. Another great choice to spotlight. It’s like you’re in my head! I’m currently working on finishing the premium versions of this casting and I am only two away. I was lucky to find one on the pegs back then. I remember how everyone wanted the green stripe removed from packaging and then everyone complained how hard it was to differentiate them. 🤣 HW collectors never change. We’re a rare breed indeed. 😜

  2. To clarify my above statement, while the 70 RR and 70 RS are different castings, for my purposes I lump them together. Once I find the last two RS’s it’s a wrap for premium!

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