Brad visits the JayCee Squared Podcast/YouTube; talks Hot Wheels AcceleRacers, Deora II, Blogging on Orange Track Diecast, and MORE!

One of the things I love about collecting Hot Wheels and having this site is that I get to meet others that share the same passion. Last year I wrote a pure passion article about one of my favorite Hot Wheels originals castings: the #Deora II. Upon the article publishing, I was hit with a ton of emails, comments, DMs, etc. from others who also collect the Hot Wheels casting. One thing I wasn’t expecting was being exposed to the fandom surrounding Hot Wheels HWY 35 World Race and the AcceleRacers.

One of the collectors that reached out was Justin Curtis, known online as Jaycee Squared. He collects Hot Wheels based on his childhood memories of the animated movies above and attends the Hot Wheels Legends Tour events as a cosplay Vert Wheeler. His parody on Donut’s “Up to Speed” segment featuring the Deora II is must-watch on its own. I love watching his JayCee Squared YouTube channel, and incredibly humbled that he asked me to be interviewed (by him) as part of his podcast. The channel is a great reminder that we all collect in different ways, but share a common interest and passion.

In the podcast above, we talk about what its like to be a “content creator” and how the idea of Orange Track Diecast came about. We geek out a little over the animated movies and how we enjoy the diecast representations that were created for World Race and AcceleRacers. I also show off a few treasured pieces from my #Deora II collection.

If you have some time to watch, or even want to just listen to it while you work, I highly recommend it! Please leave any comments for me below, and I’d be happy to answer. Enjoy!

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