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’83 Chevy Silverado Monster Truck debuts in the 2022 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks “E” case!

Man, oh man. The #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks line is heating up and the release that may have collectors talking the most is here: the #’83 Chevy Silverado Monster Truck! You can order these 2022 “E” cases now from Jcar Diecast before collectors hoard the Silverado at retail. Honestly, ordering by the case may be the best option here as the 2022 “E” case also includes the muddy variant of the original #Bigfoot and the brand-new #’17 Ford F-150 Raptor Monster Truck. With that, you even have a chance at the Treasure Hunt — the Samson I — which also utilizes this #Silverado #Monster Truck casting.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 2022 “E” case featuring Bigfoot, ’83 Chevy Silverado, and ’17 Ford Raptor

I ordered the 2022 #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks “E” case from Jcar Diecast in hopes that I would score both TH & regular versions, however, I did not score the TH. No worries though, as this is a case I had to have! Jcar Diecast is one of the best hobby dealers around as this case arrived with the following contents a few short days later.

  • ’83 Chevy Silverado Monster Truck • Crash Legends 06/11 x1
  • ’17 Ford F-150 Raptor Monster Truck • Crash Legends 07/11 x1
  • “Muddy” variant of Bigfoot (Midwest Madness) • Crash Squad 01/04 x1
  • Bone Shaker Monster Truck • Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live 08/08 x1
  • Nacho Mammas • Snack Pack 04/06 x1
  • Town Hauler • Psycho-Delic 06/06 x1
  • Shark Wreak • X-Wreckers 03/05 x1
  • TMNT Leonardo Monster Truck x1

Muddy Bigfoot

We are now up to 9 variants of #Bigfoot in the #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks line with this latest edition. We’ve seen the original Bigfoot release several times over now, but this muddy variant is significantly different. We’ve seen at least one other muddy truck in the line so you had to know that this one was coming. The brown tires, wheels, and frame are a nice touch, and the mud graphics — conveniently not covering any logos — are tastefully done. The “mud” was even applied to the chrome pieces like the front bumper! Its that level of detail that makes this line great, and really a steal at the $3.88 price-point it carries at retail — which is even cheaper if you order by the case.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Midwest Madness Monster Truck from the 2022 HWMT / Crash Squad series in Muddy Bigfoot deco (head-to-head with original HWMT Bigfoot)

’17 Ford F-150 Raptor Monster Truck

Of the three trucks from this case that I am featuring today, the #’17 Ford F-150 Raptor Monster Truck will most likely be the underrated one. As far as I know, it’s not based on a real truck that competes in the live tour, but it’s hard to argue with the most popular truck of today. The Hot Wheels #’17 Ford F-150 Raptor is an already epic casting that has already been produced in most lines from mainline to premium to RLC, and has quickly become a collector favorite. The first RLC release is shown below for a scale and detailed comparison. Hot Wheels Designer, #Brendon Vetuskey utilized his existing files from the RLC casting — exaggerating and blowing the features out — to form this new trophy-truck-style, #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks casting.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Monster Truck from the 2022 HWMT / Crash Legends series

Ford Raptor fans will ultimately be excited to see this one in the #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks line as the truck’s flared fenders look super cool hanging out over those extra-large monster trucks wheels. As a collector of the standard Hot Wheels #’17 Ford F-150 Raptor, I’m excited to see the casting go monster. And for other collectors who only collect licensed vehicles, it should draw some to the line that continues to trend upwards in collectability with its releases.

’83 Chevy Silverado Monster Truck

Talk about a #Hot Wheels Monster Truck that has the ability to have non-monster collectors start collecting the line… The #’83 Chevy Silverado Monster Truck will have collectors making sure they check the monster trucks while combing the diecast aisle — especially this release! This #First Edition release of the casting is done in a classic two-tone color scheme that is a nod to the 2009 HWC/RLC Real Riders release of the #’83 Chevy Silverado that sells for close to $1,500 these days.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels ’83 Chevy Silverado Monster Truck from the 2022 HWMT / Crash Legends series

One look at the front grill and you’ll notice that this casting was based off of the 4×4 ’83 Chevy Silverado casting. What is exclusive to this monster truck, however, is the light bar, bed cover, and flag in the rear. Those details are very ’80s monster truck -esque! How popular will this release be once it hits retail? I’m thinking very popular… Will it be hard to find? Most likely. How about that Samson I variant which is also a Treasure Hunt? Ugh, I better get hunting…

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  1. I managed to get hold of Samson I but have to say the 83′ Chevy Silverado is a better casting. Sleek look, colour simplicity and chrome rims……

  2. The one you’re showing is the eleventh variation of bigfoot. Twelve if you count the 1/24th power wheels version

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