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Why does the Hot Wheels team front-load the Mystery Models with desirable CHASE pieces?

As if there weren’t enough Hot Wheels lines to chase these days — with subsequent #Chase pieces — the Hot Wheels team has front-loaded the 2022 #Mystery Models with some pretty desirable Hot Wheels: the #Porsche 993 GT2, #’92 BMW M3, and everyone’s favorite hype-generating money-maker, the #’71 Datsun 510. This isn’t a new practice, however, as the Mystery Models first had the gold-car chases from 2015 to 2017 before settling on a chase / ultra-chase structure from 2018 to the present.

The idea originated as a move to get collectors to look at the semi-blind pillow packs before exiting the diecast aisle. For the first year or two, the #Mystery Models #Chase cars were licensed and unlicensed vehicles. Some entire waves were licensed, some were unlicensed. As you could have imagined, waves like the space-themed one that consisted of all fantasy vehicles didn’t move fast — even the chase pieces. At some point it seems someone made the decision to spread the licensed vehicles across all mixes, reserving these vehicles as primarily the chase pieces.

Feel free to examine each Mystery Models lineup yourself to see the progression. I am going to get to the cars…


Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels 2022 Mystery Models Series 1: #1 Porsche 993 GT2, #2 ’92 BMW M3, and #3 ’71 Datsun 510

The #2022 Hot Wheels #Mystery Models line has started out with a bang with three heavy-hitting castings taking up the chase & ultra-chase spots. What I really love about this line is that the vehicles have their number in the series creatively worked into their deco. In this case, the chase pieces are the #02 #’92 BMW M3, and the #3 #’71 Datsun 510; while the ultra-chase is the #1 #Porsche 993 GT2.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels 2022 Mystery Models Series 1: #1 Porsche 993 GT2

For the noobs out there, the ultra-chase comes one to a case — so not crazy hard to find. Each case has two retail-ready display cartons which are the ones that you see on the shelf. So, one out of every two of those contains this red #Porsche 993 GT2. It’s one of the more popular #Porsche castings as it has a couple releases in the triple digits for dollar value. The high-end prices seem justifiable when you consider this casting has a nice level of detail to it, making it have a higher perceived value. For me, the fact that this one started out in premium and still has the break in the headlights is super rad. The headlights are cast as part of the window piece and not the body. Plus, you can’t ignore that giant rear wing that seems to separate this one from the other Porsche castings Hot Wheels makes.

Watch out for the #’92 BMW M3! It has been around a number of years now and it seems to never receive a bad deco — this one included! In fact, this deco ranks among my favorites for this casting which is kind of crazy considering the car is hiding from collectors at retail in those semi-blind pillow packs. You’ll need to open this one up to enjoy it!

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels 2022 Mystery Models Series 1: #2 ’92 BMW M3

With this release, we get a licensed #BMW M-series livery that seems more at home in #Car Culture rather than #Mystery Models, but hey, there is no complaining! The matte black finish on this car gives it an ultra-smooth look and really has me considering chasing down the rest of the #’92 BMW M3 casting collection.

…and then there’s the #’71 Datsun 510

Every time this casting is released it is an event so it should come as no surprise collectors are hunting this mix of #Mystery Models hard as the majority see the Bluebird as the real treasure here. What is nice about this deco is that the graphics have somewhat of a vintage racing vibe to them while boasting former designer, Jun Imai’s “KAIDO-HOUSE” brand on the sides.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels 2022 Mystery Models Series 1: #3 ’71 Datsun 510

You can fully expect to come across pillow packs from the #2022 Hot Wheels #Mystery Models Series 1 soon — if you haven’t already. You can also fully expect that these three will be missing as the first collector to see the “01”, “02”, and “03” codes on the back will be taking them. After all, the intention was for us collectors to hype these, add these to our collections, and keep the Mystery Models relevant. I am simply fulfilling the prophecy here. Honestly, what can top these three??? Stay tuned I guess…

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  1. I enjoyed your articile on the Mystery Cars. However in the earlier release there was a difference between US vs. International. The International had at times more than 12 cars released and these models are very hard to find. Do you think you find out why the differences in the earlier releases.

    • Do you know are a specific mix where the US received less cars? I was under the impression that both US and International mixes got the same number of releases.

  2. I have found #2 and #3. I thought the 510 also had a Flying Colors look to it that I really like. Mystery Models are fun cars to search out. I hope a Bone Shaker makes it back into a mix this year as well.

    • I had a collector friend in Australia help me acquire international only Mystery Cars.

      2013: Cars 13-24 and 37-48 were international. That white Mustang was hard for me to get.
      2014: Second set of cars were international. The 70 GTO and 14 Charger R/T became Kroger exclusive cars.
      2015: Second set of cars were international. I traded for the 67 Firebird.
      2016: Second set of cars were international. I traded for the yellow Boss 302 Mustang.

      Then the “chase” cars in the US boxes aren’t listed as “chase” cars on the international version of the boxes. They are just normal cars. Lamley Group did a couple articles on some of the international mystery cars.

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