Hot Wheels Cool Classics Series 1: ’68 COPO CAMARO

The #Hot Wheels Cool Classics came and went. For as long as Series 1 (2013) seemed to hang on the pegs, Series 2 (2014) — with a more diverse casting selection — didn’t stand much of a chance. The Cool Classics introduced us to the #Retro Slot Wheels which were exclusive to the line until this year — 6 years later. It also brought us #Spectrafrost Paint which was essentially a vibrant form of satin paint.

These days, Series 2 releases seem to be garnering more interest among collectors whereas interest in Series 1 seems to remain relatively flat. With that said, there are a few gems in Series 1, that are must-haves. I’ll leave you to determine what is a true “must-have” but obviously, I am going to recommend the car being featured today: the #’68 COPO Camaro in Spectrafrost Pink!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’68 COPO Camaro from the 2013 Cool Classics (side view)

The more I look at the Hot Wheels #’68 COPO Camaro, the more I want to collect every release of it. This #Camaro is a #Muscle Car that doesn’t lack in the muscle category as everything about its design screams speed, power, and performance. The #Spectrafrost Paint only accentuates these features and those #Retro Slot Wheels look as period-correct as basic Hot Wheels wheels have for a ’60s muscle car.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’68 COPO Camaro from the 2013 Cool Classics (rear view)

It didn’t take long for the Hot Wheels #’68 COPO Camaro to receive a premium upgrade. This Cool Classics release (2013) was the first to receive the metal base upgrade after the casting made its debut just two years prior as part of the 2011 New Models. And, despite the casting going premium seven years ago, it’s rarely been used in retail premium lines as this #Camaro has only appeared in the #Car Culture / HW Redliners. Yes, it was used for a couple releases in the Red Line Club and one at a Nationals Convention, but the truth is, the majority of the releases have come via the basic lines.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’68 COPO Camaro from the 2013 Cool Classics (head-to-head view with the 2011 New Model release)

What really makes the #Hot Wheels Cool Classics release special though, is that Pink #Spectrafrost Paint. Pink cars will long-live in Hot Wheels collecting lore. Since the redline-era when pink cars were produced in notoriously smaller quantities — for girls — the Hot Wheels collectors often project that notion on the pink cars of today.

Only four of the 60 cars released over the two years of #Hot Wheels Cool Classics were in Spectrafrost Pink — none of which seem to shine as bright as this one. The purple tampos are a nice touch as the pink & purple color combo is one you don’t see too often on a Hot Wheels car.

If you’re looking to add this Cool Classics #’68 COPO Camaro to your collection, keep in mind its one of the better releases of Series 1. Collectors have been paying in the $10 to $15-range online for this release, but if you’re looking to spend a little less for this one, look for bargains at local Hot Wheels shows where Cool Classics prices haven’t risen as sharply as they have online.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’68 COPO Camaro from the 2013 Cool Classics

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  1. I liked this line and was disappointed when it ended early. The only thing I didn’t like is that the reused the ’67 Firebird in Series 1 and 2 instead of picking a different car,

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