Fast & Furious / Fast Rewind BUNDLE now available on AMAZON

3/10/2020 — Out of all the #Fast & Furious Premium sets, Fast Rewind seemed to be the easiest to find. It may have been that the cars weren’t actually in the movie or that the JDM wave is slowing — or maybe, the series just had the best distribution thus far. Whatever the case may be, the premium box sets that Amazon puts out on occasion are certainly nice for the packaged collector as all five cars from this series come nestled in this box with some great artwork on it. So if you are still looking for the cars, or if you want one of these nicely packaged sets, they have a March 15 in-stock date now on Amazon. Reserve yours today!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up….. i got an order in on the 11th ..shipping on wed 25th , is sold out for now

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