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Retail Now: Last 3 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks for 2019 (Bigfoot #8, Iron Spider, Red Hulk) FINALLY land at TARGET

3/11/2020 — #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks collectors had lost hope that they would ever see the last three releases for 2019. “Retro” #Bigfoot #8, Iron Spider and Red Hulk were all slated to be released as #Target Exclusives last summer, but never showed up at the retailer. Very small quantities were actually found at electronics retailer, Best Buy last November, prompting prices on the secondary market to soar into the hundreds of dollars as recently as a couple weeks ago.

Those prices came crashing back down to Earth this week — not due to the Coronavirus — as the three Monster Trucks were finally found at Target via the #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks sidekick you see below. Early week finds were coming out of Ohio and Pennsylvania according to eBay listings, but as of the last two days, you can add Washington, New York, Michigan, New Mexico, and California to that list. The one pictured below was found by OTD friend, Matthew on Cars & Hot Wheels on YouTube. Thanks to Matthew for sending this pic in. #Bigfoot fans & Monster Trucks collectors: Take a sigh of relief, and check out your local Targets now!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Endcap Display at a Los Angeles area Target on March 11, 2020

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  1. I’m not a purveyor of these awesome trucks but it’s good to hear that these are now attainable for those who are!

  2. My store had this display and had the spider Man and Hulk variations but the Bigfoot was the standard 2019 release.

  3. Found 3 different Bigfoot trucks in the display I hit down in MD, and a few of the Iron Spider trucks. Didn’t see the Red Hulk truck, unfortunately. Need that one!

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