Hot Wheels Fast & Furious FAST TUNERS now available for pre-order on Amazon

2/26/2020 — Amazon just put up the listings for the newest Fast & Furious from Hot Wheels Premium: FAST TUNERS. Just like the previous Amazon listings for this series, you can order despite the actual listing saying “temporarily out of stock”. The items usually ship within the next couple weeks.

The Fast Tuners series has some great castings so whether you want all 5, or to just hoard one casting, Amazon is a great place to grab the ones you want without having to sift through someone else’s leftovers at retail. Get your Fast Tuners today!

Fast & Furious / Fast Tuners

  1. Mazda RX-7
  2. Nissan Silvia (S15)
  3. Nissan 240SX (S14)
  4. Honda Civic EG
  5. ’16 Subaru WRX STi

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  1. Nissan 240sx is showing up in Amazon cart as “Volvo 220 Estate Wagon.” It would be nice if Amazon paid more attention to their item descriptions as this isn’t the first time they’ve got the name wrong for Hot Wheels items they’re selling.

  2. To this day, I’ve never understood why Brian’s Supra from the original ‘The Fast and the Furious’ movie, has never been produced in a Hot Wheels Car Culture line?
    One of the most iconic movie cars from the F&F establishment and it was never released as a premium model? Who makes the calls & how are decisions made within the confines of Mattel to decide which mundane cars make it and how the MOST POPULAR models NEVER get released?
    I’m still scratching my head at that one. The yellow Lamborghini Gallardo from movie #6 was released and not many remembered it as key figure, but Brian’s Supra??!!

    • It was easy to find out why…..GOOGLE. Mattel lost the Toyota license. Luckily they’ve just recently got the Toyota License back to start the Toyota craze!!!
      People complained why this & not that, but you can’t copy other peoples stuff unless you get their permission!!!

    • I’m POSITIVE Brian’s Supra will be in the Wal-mart F&F box set that is coming out later this year. The hype will be real.

  3. Maybe Brian’s supra won’t be far behind since they recently had a premium casting of the supra from the cruise boulevard set. Also would like to see Vince’s blue maxima at some point.

  4. Considering that Mattel just recently got the Toyota license back it should be in the planning stages. They could not make any Toyotas for the last few years

  5. They probably had the intention of making Brian’s Supra in premium form but then lost the Toyota license. Now that they have it back, I assume they will finally have it in a future F&F premium release. Who knows….it could even debut in the upcoming F&F garage set.

  6. Honestly last time i ordered a set from AMAZON it came all destroyed no packaging nothing the cards were hanging out of the AMAZON box all bent up so I sent them right back to amazon and ordered off EBAY from someone who would take a little more care packaging and shipping 50$ worth of hot wheels….in my opinion AMAZON is 3rd rate when it comes to shipping…. even after FEDEX thats saying something lol… plus amazon fills all prime orders first sometimes it says will arrive in 2 months lol.. no one has time for that nonsense THE ONLY WAY I WOULD RE ORDER OFF AMAZON is if it was a box set its a lot less likely to become damaged inside the collectors box.

    • Yeah, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos helped himself gain a few more dollars by ELIMINATING protective packing! No joke, he didn’t get rich doing it the right way… i ordered HW’s and they arrived flopping around the box WITH NO packing material! I have heard HORROR stories about HW’s packs arriving MANGLED & DESTROYED! Now Mr. Bezos has so much money, he doesn’t know how to spend it, expect to copycat Elon Musk by going to outer space!

      A couple of the cars I ordered had cards with soft corners & if those cars were packed by an Ebay seller, they would have been shipped with care! I think Amazon sells diecasts not for collectors, but as TOYS, because if they DID sell as a collector purchased them, then they would SHOW SOME CARE!

      I see the current price are each ABSURDLY priced sky high & better deals are to be found on Ebay. If you did purchase, for example, the RX-7 for $24.99 with $5.49 shipping, you’d still get SHORTCUT packing!

    • If you tell Amazon about the problem they will probably send out new cars and let you keep the ones already delivered or refund you.

  7. The car’s came perfectly boxed,on time But never the car’s I ordered! The funny thing was they refunded my money and told me to keep the car’s. I’ve found other sites to buy and sell on.

  8. I ordered all of these on the day this article dropped, I am still waiting on the subaru and the civic. Hope they arrive someday!

    • Crazy! I only ordered the Subaru because I had them already. It came a couple weeks ago… not right away, but a couple weeks after I posted the article.

      • The Subaru ended up arriving about a week after my last post. The civic never came and I got a message just a few days ago saying they had cancelled the order and refunded my payment method. Got redemption earlier this afternoon at Target when I found 2 hanging on the pegs. It is nearly impossible to find the hot stuff at retail in my locale, so this was a rare and welcome treat.

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