HW Race Team (2019 New Model): CHRYSLER PACIFICA

When Hot Wheels makes mini-vans, they make them cool. This wave of modern #Vans differs from the paneled vans of years past. Rather, today’s Hot Wheels vans are either slammed, racing vehicles like the ’14 Honda Odyssey OR they are heavily-modded, 4×4 #Off-Road Vehicles. The #2019 New Models #Chrysler Pacifica falls into the latter category as it looks like its ready to “do work” on some rugged terrain.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Chrysler Pacifica from the 2019 HW Race Team series with the Honda Odyssey casting

Its quite the debut for the brand-new, Hot Wheels #Chrysler Pacifica casting as it comes in the #2019 Hot Wheels #HW Race Team series wearing the famed #Hot Wheels Race Team livery. Speaking of the livery, this year’s design was designed by Hot Wheels Graphic Designer, Leeway Chang. It incorporates red, yellow, white and gold graphics on a race team blue body. This release wears #Baja 5-Spoke Wheels which are also new for 2019.

Between the large off-road wheels, tubular front bumper, light bar, and spare tires hanging out the back-end, there’s no denying this is a heavily modded mini-van that would be capable of taking the family off-road. Should “junior” also feel the need to ride some “rough terrain” the #Chrysler Pacifica features a 4×4 Power Wheels vehicle in the back seating area. The large panoramic-view roof gives you an excellent view of it.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Chrysler Pacifica from the 2019 HW Race Team series (also a 2019 New Model) … INTERIOR VIEW

The #2019 Hot Wheels mainline has had some pretty stellar #2019 New Models this year and this one ranks among the top for me. When the list was first unveiled, and I saw the #Chrysler Pacifica under the HW Race Team segment, I dreaded having to add a mini-van to my #Hot Wheels Race Team collection, BUT I should have known that Hot Wheels would deliver something so much more than a boring mini-van.

This #Chrysler Pacifica is in stores now, as it is part of the #2019 Hot Wheels “M” case assortment. Since we are very close to the end of the Hot Wheels year, I doubt we will see it recolored for 2019, and we do know now that it will be reappearing in 2020 wearing a red racing deco thanks to Leeway’s Instagram account (@leewayc).

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Race Team Blue Body (metal). Light Blue Windows. Gray Interior. Black Baja 5-Spoke Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# FYB41. Released in 2019 as #1 of 10 in the HW Race Team series (#215/250 in the 2019 mainline).

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  1. That new Chrysler Pacifica is awesome.πŸ‘I have this one in my hotwheels collection. πŸ‘

  2. Looking forward to recolors. Never been a fan of the HW livery, but the casting is fantastic and very left field.

  3. The Pacifica is a great casting, that was long overdue! Imho. And I would swear (and I do), with a gun to my head, that the tires have tread on them.

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