Collection Update

Collection Update: The Hot Wheels Switchback Collection is now COMPLETE

A couple weeks ago, I was perusing a secondary sales site when the last two #Variations I needed for my Hot Wheels #Switchback collection went up for auction. I had been looking for these for years — yes, YEARS! — and was not about to let them get away from me again. See, I have been collecting the #Unlicensed Hot Wheels Switchback casting since it made its debut in 2003… however, since I didn’t collect wheel variations until several years ago, I had essentially ignored the two “hard to find” variations of its 2011 Surf’s Up Rig release.

Packaged with a rig — which I refer to as a Truckin’ Transporter due to the line’s many name changes — the #Open-Hole 5-Spoke Wheel #Variation came standard. Of the other two variations, I knew one had darker tampos, in addition to the wheel differences. That was about it. After I got these in-hand, I learned they vary a little more.

Orange Track Diecast

All three variations of the Hot Wheels Switchback from 2011 Surf’s Up Rig

Obvious wheel differences aside, the common variant had transparent blue #Surfboards versus the other two having opaque blue surfboards. Whats funny is that the OH5 & 5SP variations were made in China, whereas the PR5 variation was made in Malaysia. That explains the paint however, as you can see the PR5 variation has a slightly deeper look to it. Thats because it has metalflake yellow paint, versus the two China cars having enamel yellow paint. The Malaysia PR5 variation also has light blue windows and a chrome interior/grill versus the China OH5 & 5SP variations having blue windows and black interiors/grills.

Collecting #Variations like these can test the patience of even the most experienced Hot Wheels collectors, as they are often the “cherry on top” of any casting collection. I was so happy that I was able to acquire these last two #Switchbacks that I had to share with you. Of course a family photo was in order…

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Switchback Family Photo, May 2019

I would like to note that I know of at least one variation that is missing, but as far as I can tell, its only a country of origin difference (missing the 2003 mainline #211 “Thailand” base Switchback). Of course, if you know of any others, I’d love to hear about them. For now though, I hope you enjoyed this update!

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  1. I two collect this casting, so I have to gather up what I have in one location. Now got to see what I’m missing. Thanks for the update.

  2. Very awesome Brad🤘🏻
    I too love & collect this casting and all castings with the boards! We seem to have a very similar Taste in collecting! Keep rocking the awesome page brother, and thank you for always helping us other collectors! To the Switchbacks, Fandangos, and all the awesome Hot Wheels creations that deserve the love!

  3. Nice collection! Switchback is a generally unsung unlicensed casting. At first glance, it has Chevy Silverado DNA, but upon further inspection has some Ford and Dodge vibes. Though in real life I’d probably pop the tonneau and keep my boards inside the bed instead of resting on top!

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