New Hot Wheels Casting, REPULSOR BLAST, hits retail as part of Iron Man Launcher

5/8/2019 — At the 19th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals last month, little-known Hot Wheels Designer, Ron Wong made an appearance. Ron may not be as popular as some of the more-established Hot Wheels Designers that work out of Mattel HQ in El Segundo, California; but that didn’t stop Ron from making the nearly 8,000 mile trek from Hong Kong to Chicago to be part of the festivities and sign autographs. Typically at the Hot Wheels conventions, designers will have sign sheets that showcase a design or two, and bring some samples — Ron did both!

Ron has worked on several designs outside of the 1/64-level Hot Wheels, and has recently worked on the Action Features for the Star Wars & DC Comics Character Cars. However, Ron chose to show collectors two of his original designs that he is most proud of: the Spider-man Web Car and the Iron Man #Repulsor Blast.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Iron Man Repulsor Blast Launcher from the 2019 Marvel Avengers Character Cars

The Web Car can still be found for sale on Amazon as it came out in 2017. The #Repulsor Blast however, is just starting to hit retail in accordance with Marvel’s Avengers: End Game (2019) merchandise. What makes both of these cars special is that they are not sold individually, so you have to shell out the $20 to buy them as part of their respective car launchers. As you can see above, the Repulsor Blast comes with a giant version of the Iron Man Character Car that doubles as a launcher — making this casting/release a #Playset Exclusive.

I’m sure many Hot Wheels collectors will have a hard time paying the $20 for the car alone. Despite its cool design, it doesn’t have the Real Riders and metal base most premium collectors seek out. There are a few groups of collectors that will take note of the exclusivity of this design/release, and purchase it to have an example of it in their collections. I am one of those collectors. Its a fabulous design, and the first #Ron Wong Design in my collection. Get your Iron Man Repulsor Blast Launcher today!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Repulsor Blast from the 2019 Marvel Avengers Character Cars

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