Recently I was able to grab the missing piece in my Hot Wheels #’52 Hudson Hornet collection: the 2012 Boulevard release. I celebrated by liberating the collection from their little cardboard prisons, and even made a post about it. While doing so, there was one release that I couldn’t stop staring at. The 2012 #RLC Rewards release came in #Spectraflame Olive with what I heard best described as a “creamy avocado” roof. Its quite possible that the allure came from it being the shiniest car in the collection, or maybe there is just more to the story…

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’52 Hudson Hornet from the 2012 RLC Rewards series (spectraflame olive) with the 2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard release (metalflake light blue)

The 2012 #RLC Rewards series consisted of two Hot Wheels that were made to order: this #’52 Hudson Hornet and the Volkswagen Drag Truck in #Hot Wheels Race Team attire. Having only enough points for one car that year, I opted for the VW Drag Truck because a.) I collect the Race Team, and b.) I felt like I could scoop up the Hudson without paying a premium down the road. Since these two cars were made-to-order, you can tell that the majority of collectors opted for the Drag Truck as well since the quantity produced was 6,655 pieces, whereas the Hudson only had a quantity of 4,350 pieces.

Time had passed — like 6 or so years — and I had come across one on a secondary sales site for under $20-shipped. Considering that is the retail price of HWC/RLC cars today, I figured it was a great deal for the car that I thought — even more so today — was the better of the two.

I kind of doubt that we will ever see the #’52 Hudson Hornet produced as a HWC/RLC release again. It just seems so far from what the club has produced in the past and the direction its headed for in the future. But who knows, all it really takes is for one person on the Hot Wheels Design or Marketing Team to make a case for it, and production becomes a reality — which is how this one came about in the first place.

I asked Gary “HWCGary” Barnum about how this was chosen to become a rewards car. It had no prior history, in fact, it was new for 2012, so I wasn’t even sure collectors had seen the initial Boulevard release before this was available for order. Gary answered with the following comment:

We’d just come out with the casting in one of the Premium lines (Boulevard), and it was met with great acclaim. For whatever reason, whoever the marketing person at the time was chose to pay attention to that.

So that was it. Just when you think your feedback as collectors doesn’t matter, just know that the fine folks at Mattel are always listening. So whoever that marketing person was, “thank you”, as you can see (just by looking at the front grill) how far superior this #RLC Rewards release was to the premium Boulevard cars at the time.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’52 Hudson Hornet from the 2012 RLC Rewards series (front view)

The 1:1 Hudson Hornet is a work of art and this #RLC Rewards release of the Hot Wheels #’52 Hudson Hornet is really no different. Cars from this era are certainly under-appreciated in this day and age of Hot Wheels collecting, so finding premium examples like this can be few and far between while it seems the diecast companies are mostly focusing on the latest trends. This car currently sits in my ’52 Hudson Hornet collection, but it is slowly growing as one of my favorite HWC/RLC cars of the last 10 years. If you don’t have one, you should consider picking one up to see how beautifully-executed this one really was.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Spectraflame Olive Body (metal). Clear Windows. Light Green Interior. White-Wall Neo-Classic Wheels. Chrome-Plated Metal Base. Made in China. Toy# X0546. Released in 2012 as part of the RLC Rewards series, limited to 4,350 pieces.

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  1. damn i think you hyped this casting up especially this RLC release lol , i need one for my hudson collection they use to be like $15-25 now the cheapest i see is $30-40 !! Oh well maybe someone at the convention will be able to part with one for $20 or so since i also need the box set exclusive hornet that is a pricey one, and the boulevard one which is only $8-15

      • very very true NED, i was just giving OTD a hard time, lol…. Yeah Lamley hyped up all the vintage racing a while back and the ebay prices doubled and tripled it was upsetting, just like when he hypes up all the JDM crap and every super that is released is his “all time favorite” haaa

      • It is a very unique color combo. I was not a member when it was initially released but picked up one with some other cars from a collector who was thinning out his collection. I also have the 2 Boulevard releases but stopped there.

  2. Yeah Matthew R.. Lame lee (like that one) has items for sale on Evil-Bay and he now features little cards made out with the website name & his signature, so you know people are going to pay way more for something they can get for a third or a fourth of the cost, all because they’ll be getting a little card. He’s gotten away from his roots & sometimes appears to put in plugs for certain products from big companies, ya know??!!! Gotta love it.. the hype that is!

    As far as the feature.. man Brad.. you make your Hudson’s look way awesome! What a spread! I can’t pick a winner here.. you showcase these babies so well, I can’t decide which I like better! I have the $TH, but I want that matte blue model from the Boulevard set! The RLC model seems really appealing so you’re making it tough for me.
    I sold the Cool Classics casting a while back, now I wish I hadn’t done so!

    • You are spot on Ned, im guessing Mr. lame tastic is on the A &J toys payroll, and wheel collectors . Or he gets kick backs like free or discounted die cast or whatever.
      Yes I notice he is selling items similar to how the seller that bought the larry wood collection is selling items, having a little card or a hologram sticker that makes a typically mainline from the 90s go for $40-60 and thats the low listings iv seen close , for larry wood stuff.

      Oh well im in this hobby to relax and get what i like and if if find stuff at the stores its a bonus, no door warming , pallet raiding for me ( not to say i wont ask a worker if there is something good on pallet if i can open it !!)

      • I hear you man.. I did see those Larry Wood offerings, but how do I know they’re for sure? There’s a couple on there now claiming LW authentic and they’re beat up. I saw a loose Peugeot 205 Rallye claiming from the LW collection and found the same car carded (similar price), but it never mentions anything about the carded one from LW collection. How do I know the loose one is from Larry Wood AND I can get one originally packaged in new condition, you know?

        Yeah, I had a little better luck around the holidays finding HW’s boxes on carts, ready to be opened & shelved ’cause they were keeping up stock & demand during the day. I have a day job so i’m not lurking at night & can’t visit during morning/early afternoon hours.
        It also depends if some stores get certain letter cases, like the “G” cases. Been searching like crazy for the Super Chromes Treasure Hunt Corvette.. which would make a great feature (HINT HINT Brad!).

    • Hey guys, I appreciate you reading the article and commenting, and thank you for the compliments! I try to keep it positive here, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t talk negatively about the Lamley Group and/or any other sites/channels. Just like I truly believe everyone has their own way of collecting, all of us “bloggers” have our own style as well. The compensation that we do get is strongly outweighed by the time spent, but since this is a labor of love, we continue to do it despite that fact. I enjoy sharing my collection (and I know John does too), so please lets keep it positive. Thanks again for commenting. If I can turn you onto a new casting, or at least view it in a different light, I feel like I’ve successfully shared my passion and that means the world to me.

  3. No negative talk, just constructive criticism between 2 collectors regarding youtubers and ebay sellers.

    And NED if i find another vette basic hunt i would be more than happy to exchange info and send it your way !

    • Just so happened I found just one Super Chrome Vette TH today in a dump bin at one of my Walmarts. I dug down, but found one. Now I can cool my heals for a while .. the search was intense so i’m done for now. Thank you for looking out though!

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